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Dear Justin Bieber (And Micky Dolenz): With Love, Your Biggest Fan

Creative Commons/(L)LilJaiiY (R)David Shankbone

Creative Commons/(L)LilJaiiY (R)David Shankbone

Dear Justin Bieber (And Micky Dolenz)
With Love,
Your Biggest Fan

Could it really have been 45 years ago that I would wake up every morning to pictures plastered in every available space in my bedroom of the Monkees? I lived and died for everything Monkees, but especially Micky Dolenz, the comical drummer of the group. I never dreamed Micky could ever do anything wrong–after all he was Micky-perfect in every sense of the word. That is, until one day I tore open my latest edition of Sixteen to find to my horror that Micky, my Micky, suddenly had let his hair go curly!

Micky Then

I was horrified. I was beside myself. How could Micky do this to me? Had my beloved Monkee suddenly gone “hippie” on me? I went screaming and sobbing to my mom that Micky had turned on not just me, but all of his fans. Looking back, I don’t know how my mom managed to keep a straight face but in her magical mom manner, she not only calmed me down, but also suggested I write a letter to my beloved Monkee.

Pen in hand, I poured my heart and soul out to Mr. Dolenz, expressing my dismay and questioning why he had suddenly betrayed us all. A few months passed, and then one day, while reading through the latest issue of Sixteen I found myself screaming and sobbing all over again. There was MY letter to Micky for the entire world to see–the entire world being Micky Dolenz and my best friend at the time, Cindy.

Micky explained to me that his hair actually was naturally curly and to play the part on the show, he had been straightening it each week, which caused a great deal of damage to his hair. He went on to tell me that he just could not take it any more and made the decision to let it return to its natural state. He closed by reassuring me that he was still the same person he had always been and he truly hoped he could still count on me.


As if life could not get any better, the following day, a copy of his answer to me along with an autographed picture of my main Monkee arrived in the mail. After shedding buckets of tears yet again, I carefully placed my new treasures right above my bed. I was once again his biggest and most devoted fan. Then, I did what any devoted fan would do–I ran outside to join in the daily kickball game.

Now fast forward a few decades. The names and times may have changed, but a fan’s adoration and unwavering loyalty remains the same. It seems that current tween heartthrob Justin Bieber has made some questionable choices of late. 


But, this isn’t about what Mr. Bieber did or didn’t do, or what he should or shouldn’t have done. This is about one little girl, her crushing disappointment of Bieber’s choices and, more importantly, the way her mother chose to handle the situation.

Enter Serafina, an eight-year-old second grader from Ohio. Serafina’s mother, Ami, told news reporters that her daughter had been a Belieber since the age of three. She explained that her daughter had been brought to tears when she happened to overhear her mom and big brother talking about Bieber’s drunk driving arrest.

Now, Ami could have done many things. But, instead of brushing it off or ignoring her daughter’s cries of dismay, Ami used all that had transpired as an opportunity to talk to her daughter about making good choices and bad choices. Serafina has a passion for writing and after talking to her mom she asked if she could write a letter to Mr. Bieber and with mom’s blessing, she did exactly that. It was Ami’s hopes that by writing a letter to Justin, it would not only help her daughter, but maybe the 19-year-old singer as well.

“I am hoping that Justin Bieber will somehow see or hear this,” she said.  Here is the letter:

 Serafina's Letter

Dear Justin Bieber, I’m very disappointed. It breaks my heart that you were in jail for just one night.

I loved most of your songs. I dance to them a lot! So many things have changed this year. This is the biggest one yet! Why did you do it? Why did race cars. What made you do it? Didn’t you know it was a bad thing to do.

You had such a great life. I’ve read your books and watched your movies. You have something special. But you gave it up for drugs. My whole life I’ve been warned about drugs. And my idol started taking them!

There are many drunk people in he world. And you have become one of them. Thats sad to me. I think you should be disappointed in yourself. Just take a minute to think about what you did.

Sincerely, Serafina.

I don’t know if Bieber will see Serafina’s heartfelt plea of genuine concern, just as I’ll never really know if Micky heard and understood my angst. That Ami had the presence of mind to sit down and talk to her daughter all while encouraging and allowing Serafina to use her own voice to express herself shows me that something good can come from every situation. You just have to know where to look. To my own mom, to Ami, and to all the parents of the world who stand by our side, nurturing and teaching as we make our way through life, we thank you. To Micky–I forgive you. You will always be my favorite Monkee.

Have you ever felt disappointed by your biggest celebrity? What did he/she do?

Gayle-Feldman-Turner for GEM

Mom to 5, Grammy to 4, Gayle considers herself an ordinary person living a most extraordinary life. The owner and co-founder of the Disney Gals website, her great passion in life is children. When not in her kindergarten classroom or directing her latest musical production, you’ll find her blogging, planning her next great Disney adventure, or following her youngest son as he follows his dreams of dancing.


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