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Beauty From The Inside Out:
Nourish Your Dry Winter Skin

With freezing temperatures and a harsh winter we need to keep our skin moisturized, soft and supple. This can begin from the inside with drinking a lot of water and eating clean by consuming many fresh vegetables. Along with clean eating we need great products that will heavily nourish your skin without the feeling of product overuse. The following three products will keep your skin protect and soft throughout the season.



This cream is made with pure angelica, an herb long used for flavoring and medicinal purposes. The product is known to both revitalize and reinforce the natural hydration of the skin. Angelica comes from the Drome region of France. This hydration cream will protect skin from impurities, and help improve skin tone. $42.00, you can buy it here.

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Oveilla Body Cream

Made from 100% Virgin Olive Oil, this product will leave your skin hydrated. Made in Italy the Olivella Body Cream is not tested on animals, gluten free, and paraben free.  Treat your skin with this wonderful moisturizing cream with a refreshing citrus scent. $14.95, you can buy it here.

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ESPA SkinProSerum

This serum has wonderful plant extracts, Omega 3,6,&9 as well as Vitamin A & E. You skin will be even, nourished, and protected. Other beneficial ingredients include Turmeric, White Lupin, and sunflower. With all of these healthy ingredients your skin will keep a natural glow. $85.00, you can buy it here.

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Remember when it comes to beauty it starts from the inside. Make sure you take good care of yourself mind, body, and soul.

What do you do to nourish your skin during the winter month?



Yvelette Stines is a writer, author and holistic health educator. You can find her work in Essence, Heart and Soul, Green Build and Design, The Grio, and Jones Magazine just to name a few. Her blog Calming Corners encourages readers to live a calm and healthy lifestyle and her book Vernon the Vegetable Man motivates children to choose healthy living and eating habits. Her background in communications has led her to work for many clients including TNT and OWN.