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Monday Morning Motivation: 5 Reasons Your Career “Spark” Hasn’t Turned Into A Bonfire

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Monday Morning Motivation:

5 Reasons Your Career “Spark” Hasn’t Turned Into A Bonfire


Happy Monday everyone!

Hey, you know people like this, don’t you? They have so much potential but they haven’t been able to turn that into productivity. Folks around them are scratching their heads. What gives? They have the tools, the talent and yet something is not connecting.

As someone who has been on both sides of the hiring table, I’ve come up with 5 reasons their career spark hasn’t turned into a bonfire. Now these are the 5 that I can think of; I’m sure there are many more and I invite you to add yours at the end of this piece.

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HAVING A BAD ATTITUDEAttitude is Everything

Back when I was a morning anchor at a local TV station, my contract was up for renegotiation. The news director told my agent at the time, that while they loved what I was doing on air, I wasn’t pleasant to be around. As someone who makes hiring decisions for my own company, I totally get that. I can tell you right now I would rather hire someone with less talent but a great attitude. At least they’re willing to learn and will probably appreciate that you took the time to teach them.

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Regular readers know how I feel about personal responsibility, in career and in life. No employer wants to hear, “I’m sorry but it’s not my fault” or any other responsibility-shirking tactics. Made a mistake? Own up to it and move on without bunch of qualifiers.

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Owning up to your mistakes is admirable; having to continue apologizing because you keep making the same ones over and over again is not good at all. If you look at your career (or life) and you keep getting derailed in the same places over the same issues, better figure out why and how to fix that or get comfortable right where you are.

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While back at that local station, I made a very rookie mistake. During that contract negotiation, I got indignant during the back and forth. The money wasn’t enough (so I thought), there wasn’t opportunity for me to advance (so I thought), they didn’t appreciate me and my contribution enough (but in the words of Don Draper and my husband, “That’s what the money’s for!). This company was not treating me poorly; I only thought the people in charge were and I was going to make them pay, dang it! I forgot one simple fact; they held all the cards! The show I was anchoring for the last year and a half had been on the air 40 years prior to me getting there; it would be on the air long after I left. I was one part of a larger operation and I was far from irreplaceable. Don’t assume the place will fall apart without you; it won’t.

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Male hand drawing See The Big Picture concept on transparent wipe board.


I had a long talk with my attorney the other day and, among other things, we talked about the TV shows I’m currently working on (Sweet Retreats and Exhale). I have strong relationships with each of the companies that produce them. That means there’s lot of give and little take; they are happy with my contribution and show me in various and intangible ways. The fact that they do these things makes me appreciate them so there’s incentive for me to work even harder. In the words of my very smart attorney, “Rene, ultimately it’s not about the fee; it’s about the relationship.”

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There’s one more bit of information I would pass along; we are coming out of one of the most difficult recessions in recent memory with unemployment hovering at or around 7 1/2 %. What that means is that if you have a job, even if it’s not perfect, you are being paid to do work so do it well; a lot of people aren’t so lucky.

(Editor’s note: This piece originally ran on July 22, 2012)

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