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Monday Morning Motivation: 4 Things You Can Do For A Better 2014

photodune-4962834-2014-xsMonday Morning Motivation:
4 Things You Can Do For A Better 2014


Happy Monday my peeps! We are  cruising toward the end of the year and what a year it was. I don’t know about you but there were moments I wasn’t sure I would make it; the travel toward the end of the year with Sweet Retreats, speaking events and campaigns, was beginning to take its toll.

I was facing the dreaded burn-out.

Yes. Me. The person who is never at a loss for words, was struggling to find the ones I wanted to put on paper.

That’s behind me now, at least until I hit the ground running in 2014.

But 2014 will be different because I vow to do these four things and you should too.

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This is not unique to me; we all need a posse and that posse needs to have our back. I first wrote about this lesson years ago but was recently reminded of it again. This last year, I overlooked a lot, went along with things that I should not have. In the end, I got walked on. That won’t happen again. I will be fair but firm and I will not apologize for having high standards.

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Blackboard writings "  A chain is no stronger than its weakest link "

For me, this is not an easy thing; my name and reputation are all over this website. But Good Enough Mother is more than a website; it’s a brand and I need people I can trust,  professionals who will make good, sound decisions. I’m so happy to say that I have found those people in Jackie Gailey and Alexis Trass Walker. Jackie’s been working for GEM the last 6 months or so and done a great job as our blog coordinator. Now we’re rounding out our staff with Alexis taking on the role of managing editor. Because these are two ladies who know (and believe in) the GEM brand and will protect it, I will be able to delegate without fear.

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This is literally the bane of my existence. I have never been organized; not as a child, not as a student, not as a young working woman and not now. But here’s the thing; in the past I had help in form of parents, counselors and later (while at that Big TV Gig), assistants. Now, it’s just me, myself and I.  It’s on me to manage my travel, book speaking engagements and manage home life (though Buff rides herd on that while I’m out). Bottom line, being organized is not just something that makes me feel good; it’s critical if I am to perform and live well.

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healthy living requires water, fruits and exercise

In a couple of months I am going to be 51-years-old. I have several jobs, one of which requires that I travel at least a couple of times a month. Living out of hotel rooms, eating room service and restaurant food is starting to show up in my health. I need to commit to a better diet, which also includes drinking less wine. Consuming less food and alcohol will make it easier for me to get up and get to the gym, no matter where I am. Ultimately, it comes down to feeling good for moment or feeling great for a lifetime.

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What about you? What lessons did you learn  in 2013 and what will you do differently in 2014?









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