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Holiday Cleaning?
3 Quick Tips To Make A
Bah-Humbug Chore Easy! (VIDEO)

(This holiday cleaning tips post is brought to you by Swiffer® as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post.)


This year was literally a blur. A minute ago, it was January 1st; now here we are getting ready to close out a year that just feels like it just began. So when my oldest child suggested we put up the Christmas tree I thought, “Already?!” (In all fairness, it WAS December 16th; it was time).

If you’re like me, your tree goes in the same corner every year. That’s a good thing, until you uncover what has been living in that corner, under the benches and end tables for the last 11 1/2 months.


But I had a secret weapon this year. The folks at Swiffer asked me to try out the Swiffer BISSELL Steamboost and then share my thoughts with you. So here are a few cleaning tips I use to make my home holiday ready.



As I was saying, our tree goes up in the same corner of the family room each year. During the time that it’s not the center of attention, it is a clutter and dust magnet! So I make sure to rid the area of everything that doesn’t belong there. And no putting it in a neat stack in another area of the house. Nope. Put it away! Return books to shelves, throw out old magazines and newspapers and make sure everything is in its place.  Then dust; do it well as you might not be able to dust in that corner for as long as the tree is up.

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UGH. Look I like sparkly things like the next girl, but not all over my floor. It makes me wonder how much of the glitter actually stays on the ornaments! And have you ever tried to sweep glitter? It’s a giant pain in the butt. It’s actually more like pushing it around to another part of the room.

Enter Swiffer BISSELL Steamboost. Lightweight, compact and easy to use; you just put water in the tank, a fresh Swiffer BISSELL Steamboost Steampads on the sweeper and away you go. It makes getting rid of glitter (and a whole lot more) a breeze.

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Once your floor is clean and shining, it’s time to make the rest of the house smell as good as it looks. I use scented candles or pomanders (oranges or other citrus fruit with pieces of whole clove pushed into the rind), pine cones or even something as simple as cinnamon sticks wrapped in ribbon and placed in a bowl to make it really smell like the holidays.

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 And VOILA! The Swiffer Bissell Steamboost is a pretty cost effective way to clean too. The steam mop  rings in at just under 50 bucks; the cleaning pads, which come in two different scents, will set you back about 10 bucks for a pack of 20. Use one and you’re done. Take it off, throw it out, then sit back and enjoy your clean floors. Oh and the Christmas tree too.


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