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GEMs Of Beauty: Bathtime Is Your Time


GEMs Of Beauty:
Bathtime Is Your Time

Earlier this year, when I thought we’d have to be moving, my son and I started scoping out apartments in NYC. This was not fun. The rents were ridiculous, and the realtors acted like they were doing you a favor by even letting you in the door. At one newly renovated closet, the bathroom was sized for a Munchkin.

“Where’s the bathtub?” my son asked the realtor.

He rolled his eyes. “No one takes baths anymore.”

“I do,” said my son.

“I do, too,” I added as I gently tugged him out of there.

“What a dump,” said my smart boy on the way out.

“Totally. And anyone who says people don’t take baths just doesn’t want to spend the money to put in a tub.”

Really, who wants to live without access to a long, hot, soothing soak? Filling the tub with an oil or bubbles that smell wonderful, easing yourself into the water, and feeling your body relax after a long day is one of the best ways to unwind, relax, and help get a good night’s sleep. Here are some of the best:

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When you want a bit of a splurge, these bath essences will not disappoint. They’re aromatherapy at its best, as each scent has specific therapeutic benefits. Lemon Lemongrass Vitalizing is energizing; Moor Lavender Calming is extra-moisturizing and ideal for relaxation; Rose Nurturing smells like heaven and is equally calming; and Almond Soothing is particularly good for sensitive skin. Now, relax!

Buy it for $29.95 at


Speaking of luxe, when you’re going all out for the ultimate bath experience, Tocca has a lovely gift set that will get you (or a lucky friend) in the mood. Their Florence scent is a delectable mix of bergamot and gardenia, and in a limited edition for the holidays you get an eau de parfum, a mini candle, and a bottle of bubble bath. Your skin will be sumptuously scented and so will your room.

Buy it for $72 at


Lavender has been used for centuries to help people calm down and unwind, and Kneipp mixes its potent essential oil with natural thermal brine salt for a particularly relaxing bath. Just add one cap of the salts under steamy running water, and soak for at least 15-20 minutes. Your skin will be softer and your nerves less jangly. Or go for the Arnica or Juniper for sore muscles, or the Valerian and Hops to help you sleep.

Buy it for $19 at


Need to Detox? No, not that kind! Your circulation might be sluggish with all the holiday stress fun, so if you’re feeling blah, just dump a capful or two of this yummy infusion, and you’ll perk right up (just don’t use it if you’re pregnant). It contains grapefruit extract, juniper berry, and geranium to help with fluid retention; rosemary extract to invigorate your mind; and nourishing oils to leave your skin super-soft.

Buy it for $35 at


Sometimes you don’t want to deal with bubbles. If so, lie back and enjoy this yummy soak from Clairvoyant. Formulated with a trifecta of skin-smoothers and soothers–lactic acid, sea salt, and baking soda—it rejuvenates while easing the kinks out of the sore muscles you got while teaching the kids how to ice skate (and falling on your butt more times than you care to remember). It comes in a gorgeous reusable bottle, too.

Buy it for $18 at


Take a tip from my son: All your electronic devices + water = a dangerous combination, so luxuriating in your bath might be the only time of the day when you’re free from the constant ping of emails, texts, and other electronic demands, distractions, and headaches. You deserve it!

karen moline

Karen Moline is the author of two novels, the recently reissued Lunch and Belladonna; coauthor of the bestseller, Sh*tty Mom; coauthor/ghostwriter of over two dozen nonfiction books, including the ever-fabulous Good Enough Mother; and a journalist whose work has appeared in publications around the world. See more at She lives with her son in NYC.

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