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10 From GEM: 10 Unique Gift Websites

Creative Commons/mac9416

Creative Commons/mac9416

10 From GEM:
10 Unique Gift Websites

These are a few of the websites I’ve used this Christmas season (and others) and found them to be unique and brilliant, not unlike the people I surround myself with every day. I have taken no money or sponsorship from them (though not saying I wouldn’t, hint, hint!) Shopping these sites should hopefully make your gifts a hit under the tree…or set the bar far too high for next year! With a couple of weeks to go, you might just be able to get some last-minute overnight shipping from some of them. Read on for 10 places to find things you’ll not find, I certainly hope, anywhere else.

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In spite of the name, none of the items, well, suck. If you’re from the UK it’s not a unique place, but it is for us here. I’ve bought gifts for my mom, kids, and everyone else here. One of my favorites is the apron with conversions upside down so you just lift it up to see how to convert tablespoons to cups, etc.

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2. FAB 


Okay, it’s not so much alternative, but so many things are arranged in one spot it’s far better to buy from here. They also often have good deals, in spite of the quirky, egomaniacal habits of its CEO.

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It isn’t just for musicians. This website is a combination between a music journalist and a jewelry designer. It’s a nonprofit and environmental company as well. For musicians, you can recycle your strings to have a personal connection with a loved one. Or you could just buy a bracelet made from Clapton’s old strings. Cool either way.

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This company is mainly T-shirts, but if you have teenagers and they love the look of old concert tees, then this is it. They make custom stuff—everything from Hendrix to the Who to sports teams.

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Yes, I love it and most people do. One of the premier chocolatiers in the country is in Sacramento. Everything is locally sourced, farm-to-fork, so to speak. Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates is pretty damn amazing, though a little pricey, but worth every penny. She was rated one of the top 10 chocolatiers in the country at one time.

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I wear a ring almost every day made from old number/letter bands that simply seems to represent I’m a writer. I don’t know Robynn, but her designs are pretty great. I’ve given one ring as a present last year. Her designs are fun and utilitarian in a way, but great to give.

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If you’re looking for a 1940’s evening gown (which a date for a formal event did, recently) or handmade jewelry, many local artisans and small shops or vintage stores use Etsy to shop their wares. The year my wife passed away, a silversmith made a ring to replace my wedding ring with one that had III/XXVI on it—the date of my wedding and her passing. He told me via email he was proud to make it for me and I was proud to wear it.

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A very dear friend from Dallas got me into giving these. If you have someone who thinks candles are a must, then Tyler, Texas is home to a great maker.

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Particularly if you’re an environmentalist or even just love good pictures, this site is a must. I met Joel Sartore years ago on a story. We’ve been friends ever since. He’s a National Geographic Fellow, a fellow Nebraskan, and he takes some of the most amazing photographs ever. Between books, videos and prints I love his stuff and it’s worth hanging in your home.

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Visit this site if you’re looking for your very own hungry caterpillar or a hat with Mo Willems’ Pigeon on it or a poster of art by Maurice Sendak. We should all buy books for our kids or encourage their reading. Carle and company have been doing that dutifully for years. The museum has tons of stuff and kids love both his and his featured authors’ works as well.

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How about you? What off-the-beaten-path websites do you use for gifts? Share your ideas below.

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Dave Manoucheri is a writer, journalist and musician based in Sacramento, California. A father of four, two daughters and twin sons, his blog, Our Story Begins is a chronicle of their life after the loss of his wife, Andrea, in March of 2011. Follow him on Twitter @InvProducerMan.

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