Team GEM Is Thankful!


Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” ― Marcel Proust

As Thanksgiving approaches the team here at GEM wanted to take time to reflect on the things we are thankful for. We’re extremely thankful and appreciative of all of our wonderful readers and fans. Your enthusiasm, input, and support of GEM is what carries us every day.


We are also thankful to our fabulous sponsor Jade & Jasper, they not only helped in supporting research for Triple Negative Breast Cancer during the month of October (a cause you know is close to the heart here) but now want to help all of us express our gratitude to those we hold dear. During the month of November, Jade & Jasper jewelry is encouraging all GEM’s to “Give Thanks & Get Gorgeous” and express your gratitude in a meaningful and lasting way! Treat your friends, mothers, sisters , daughters, teachers…anyone who makes a difference in your life, to a gift of a glittering new gem from Jade & Jasper. Spend over $50 at Jade & Jasper and your generosity will be rewarded with a free pair of earrings! Select from a lovely assortment of styles to update your jewelry wardrobe and enhance your sense of style. So head on over to Jade & Jasper‘s website to take a look at all of the beautiful ways you can show the “jewels” in your life your gratitude and appreciation!

But before you go, check out what each of our GEM contributors is thankful for. And we want to hear from you.. share with us what makes your heart sing as we approach the most wonderful time of the year!

IMG_0585MaggieMae RD headshot

Maggie Mae Pup Reporter is thankful for having wonderful friends and family. She is grateful to have a voice and share her perspective.

Read  A Pet’s Perspective by Maggie Mae


Yvelette is thankful for her growing relationship with God, her friends, and family.

Read Beauty From The Inside Out by Yvelette Stines

Wilma Jones

Wilma is thankful for family, friends, faith, health, freedom and the ability to pursue her idea of happiness.

Read Better, Not Bitter by Wilma Jones


Shanti is thankful for a husband who not only believes in her, but has her back and thinks she could take over the world! She’s also thankful for the opportunity to grow her family through adoption, and the lessons she has learned from being an adoptive mom. Every. Single. Day. Every day is a gift!

Read Cooking Clean And Simple by Shanti Landon

karen moline
Karen is thankful for her son, Emmanuel; her little rescue dog, Derrick; her friends and family; her computer for only breaking down once a week instead of daily; and that she’s of that certain age where she can slather on the creams and potions she’s testing for GEMS of Beauty without having to worry about getting zits!

Read GEMs of Beauty by Karen Moline

Marcy Rosenzweig Leavitt

Marcy is thankful for the support and love of her husband and family, the peace and safety of home, and the ability to rise each morning with or without pain so she can help others.

Read Life Connections by Marcy Rosenzweig Leavittandi parker
Andi is so thankful to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. Her day to day life may be a whirlwind of blended family frustrations & working mother wackiness, but the Lord has been giving her peace, patience & persistence, along with a healthy dose of humor to make 2013 a year of strength.

Read Live, Love, Blend by Andi Kimbrough


Dave is thankful for all his intimate moments . . .he has taken everything from raking leaves with his kids to visiting national parks to looking at the colors of the world as fall comes as amazing. It has brought him back to being the person he’s always known deep inside and closer to those who mean the most.

Read Our Story Begins by Dave Manoucheri


Julixa is thankful for her family, her business, and warm meals (cooked by her husband, lol). She is also very thankful for the opportunity to reach and help parents around the world with her articles and her products, and for the platform she is blessed with to reach them. She is thankful for peace, kindness, holidays at home with family and friends, and each new day that she gets to wake up and enjoy it all again.

Read Tales From A Twin Mom by Julixa NewmanBennett and family

Bennett is thankful for not having gray hair until 25 years after his hair starting falling out!

Read Raising Gaybies by Bennett Cunningham


Wendy is thankful for two specific things: Friends and Age. This has been both her best and worst year in a loooong time, and without asking, her friends have stood up and all but pushed their way to the front of the line to help/support/cheer her on without her having to ask. It’s very humbling to have that kind of unsolicited support. As for her age, well, she’s able to look at things now and she’s upset at how much she was afraid to do. Now, she’s able to weigh her options, and jump… whatever is going to happen is going to happen, and the world won’t end because she pushed for something new.

Read Single Mom Slice of Life by Wendy Syler


Renee is thankful for her friends, family and all the blessings that have been afforded to her in this life. She is most thankful for what is to come because the best is yet to come.

Read The Doctor Is In by Dr. Renee Matthews

Tricia Dixon

Tricia is thankful that in losing weight, transforming from the outside in…that she is now Free To Be Real and Free To Be HERSELF! Thankful that she can share about her journey and give HOPE to others.

Read What Matters Most by Tricia Dixon


As a bibliophile, Pam is thankful for social media. To be sure, she’s thankful for books, but without social media she would not be able to share books with her friends and in return learn about new books.  You can never have enough books!

Read Mom’s Must Read by Pam Margolis


Jackie is thankful for her healthy and loving family. She’s thankful for her ability to work from home and to be there when her kids get home from school. She’s also thankful for the different opportunities she has to keep herself busy doing different things ~ it keeps her well-rounded!

Read Pixie Dust Central by Jackie Gailey

picmonkey alexis

Alexis is thankful for her family, especially her children, because they’ve taught her so much about life and love. She’s thankful for a heart that is becoming more open, compassionate, and loving.

Read 10 From GEM and Smack In The Middle by Alexis Walker


Susan is thankful for her family and her friends and for the many different ways in which they impact her life. Whether it’s humor, encouragement, giving her perspective, or just an ear to listen , they fill her with gratitude and love and make her a better person.

Susan Pazera is part of the Marketing and PR for Team GEM! You can read some of her Guest postings here.



This last year has been a stressful one but I’m thankful I’m healthy and strong, ready to take on the challenges that life throws my way. I feel so incredibly grateful to have a great team of people here on GEM to help spread the word about imperfect parenting. And lastly, I’m thankful for our advertisers who also believe in the mission.

And us!

Please comment and share the things that you are grateful for too!