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Monday Morning Motivation: Think With Your Head! And 3 Other Crucial Business Lessons I Learned This Year


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Monday Morning Motivation:

Think With Your Head!
And 3 Other Crucial Business
Lessons I Learned This Year


Happy Monday!

Can you believe it’s nearly the end of the year?! What the heck? Where did THAT year go?

As is the case at the end of every year, I like to take a look back at where I was this time last year and put some things in place for the upcoming one. That means taking stock of my business and professional life.

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Change was the operative word this year; hell.. who am I kidding? It’s BEEN the word for the last decade nearly. But this was another year for lots of it. New TV shows, hiring new people, growing my business, bringing on new partners, letting old ones go and so on.

So the other day I was talking to the smartest guy I know, Buff Parham, about some of this when he mentioned to me that I was too nice.

What? ME?!


But yes, he was right. In my business, I’m a softie; I really don’t play hardball unless I have to and sometimes people take advantage of that.

Recently, Buff admonished me for a decision that, even I can admit, I never should have made.

“Rene, you know why you did that?  You were being completely altruistic. You wanted to be good, to do good, to help. While altruism is a good thing, it needs to be a by-product of a for-profit business, not the main motivator.”

He was right. In this case I had been…

Too nice.

So here they are, the 4 crucial business decisions I learned this year.

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I’m not fond of being a manager. No, let me rephrase; I hate it. I don’t want to tell people what do to, I hate talking about money and I overlook way too much stuff. This year I did all of those things and they bit me right on the backside. This doesn’t mean you cannot be a compassionate business owner; heck I think business needs a little more heart. But Buff’s point was duly noted. Making decisions with your heart instead of your head (especially when you know they are not good ones) is a tough way to go in a for-profit business.

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This may not be as critical for large-businesses but for an operation the size of GEM, it’s mandatory. With me on the road so much with Sweet Retreats and Exhale (big announcement coming there too!), I need to be able to trust that the people who work for and with me, have the same sensibility I do. They don’t have to have the same life experience, in fact they should be different; diversity is the lifeblood of business. Where they’ve been is not as important as where they are going.

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I had some big breakthroughs this year. I also had some setbacks. Each one of them has reminded me that success never looks the way we think it does. It’s a long, arduous, convoluted path that consists of ups and downs, fits and starts.. which leads to the next point..

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Someone asked me a few years back why I didn’t just give up. It’s not that I haven’t thought about it. But for as fast as those thoughts come in, they go right on out of my head. Why don’t I quit? And do what? Curl up in a ball in the corner and wait to die? Nope. Here’s the one thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt; I will only fail if I give up.

Failure is just not an option.

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What about you? Did you learn some key business lessons this year? What were they? Leave your comments here or over on the Facebook page!




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