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Monday Morning Motivation: Sometimes You Have To Look Back To Go Forward

photo 2Monday Morning Motivation:
Sometimes You Have To Look
Back To Go Forward


Happy Monday! So many people lament Mondays; I like to think of them as a brand new start. New starts is just what I want to talk about for today’s Monday Morning Motivation. Well, not new so much as a restart.

I had a lovely call Sunday afternoon with a guy who I’m convinced, is going to be a good friend in very short order. His name is Doyin Richards and he has a hilarious blog called The other day, Doyin included Good Enough Mother in a round-up of some mom bloggers, asking for their perspective on what makes a good dad. I was thrilled to be included in this group and to be able to talk about Casey and Cole’s dad and my teammate of nearly two decades.

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In reading some of the other mother’s comments and those from readers on Doyin’s robust Facebook Page, it occurred to me that I was no longer part of a club that they all belonged to. Oh, I was at one time.. just not now. But now? Well, I’m through the baby battleground and almost through the teen trenches.

Believe it or not, that made me a little sad. I know that’s hard for you who are up to your elbows in sleep deprivation and spit-up. But it made me question who am I? What is Good Enough Mother now and what will it be going forward?

When I wrote the book, it was very clear; I was struggling with the day-to-day challenges of being a good mother; now, most of my intensive parenting is behind me rather than in front of me. How could I recapture the magic and enthusiasm I had a few years ago?

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So I asked Doyin what he thought his young moms and dads would want to hear from me. I mean, what could I possibly tell them?

He told me something that I knew all along; hell, they were all key parts of Good Enough Mother.

Do the best you can.. and your best will have to do.

You won’t screw them up too badly.

Let your kids fail.

Make time for yourself.

All the things I have spent the last decade talking about and believing far longer than that.

Which brings me to the looking back part. I decided that it’s time for a little refresher course. I’ll be spending this week re-reading Good Enough Mother only now, I have a different outlook. I’ll be looking at it as the mother of two kids who actually turned out okay and whose worst fears never materialized.

Sometimes we come so far on the journey we forget from whence we came. We get busy, we get older, we change. It’s not bad; it’s just the normal course of things.

It’s times like this we need to take a look back and remember why we did the things we did and in the process, discover why it’s important that we continue.

Though I spent my life and career in TV, helping women, wives, mothers and others feel good about the job they do as parents through the shared learning experience, is my life’s work.

Thanks, Doyin for reminding me!

What about you; do you sometimes find your focus changing as you grow or age? What do you do to get centered again?

Lemme hear ya.. Oh and show some love to Doyin. Here’s his website, and his Facebook page too. 







  1. Momarchy Ladies

    November 20, 2013 at 10:18 pm

    Went on and found him! Really curious to see what all the moms had to say!

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