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for Thanksgiving Books

Hi friends, or should I say Gobble Gobble?

It’s almost Thanksgiving and many families are looking forward to the turkey, cranberry, and stuffing. But not me.  To be sure, I love all  Thanksgiving food but as a book lover at heart, every holiday includes a book.  Now that the weather is cooler, the sun sets earlier, and thoughts turn to holidays, why not snuggle with your favorite child and curl up with a good book or two (or three) and read, read, read?

This Thanksgiving season I am happy to  share some of my favorite Thanksgiving books with you. These books are great anytime during the season, so gobble up the turkey, grab the last buttered roll, and then settle down for a good read; here are five books to make you feel thankful for it all.

1. Five Silly Turkeys

  Five Silly Turkeys

Five Silly Turkeys combines all the features that toddlers love in a book: tactical feathers, silly lovable turkeys, and a delightfully repetitive counting scheme that allows them to help read. “From twirling on a dance floor to being chased by a bee to tanning in the sun, these are no ordinary Thanksgiving turkeys.”  How fun is that?

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2.  Pete the Cat: The First Thanksgiving


If you’re a fan of the ultra groovy Pete the Cat, who encourages the littles to be cool in whatever they do while laying down some tunes, you might like this book.  There’s no singing in this book but Pete is in the school’s Thanksgiving play and serves up fun with lift the flap action.  Why not celebrate Thanksgiving with the coolest cat in town?

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3.  Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks

If you’re not sure your little one is ready for the Pilgrims’ story, here’s a book you are bound to enjoy.  Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks teaches children to be thankful for family, friends, pets, etc., tangible things that kids can understand.  Perhaps you’ll start a new tradition based on this book: your child’s answers are sure to warm your heart or make you laugh.

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4.  Martha Speaks: Thanksgiving Reunion

marthaspeaks: thanksgiving

Curious as to what a talking dog would say at Thanksgiving? According to Martha from Martha Speaks, she wants to invite her family over to have Thanksgiving dinner too.  Problem is, they’ve all been adopted out and she has to locate them in time for Thanksgiving.  Will she do it?  Knowing how resourceful Martha is, I’m sure you can guess the outcome!

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5.  The Night Before Thanksgiving



The Night Before Thanksgiving book is part of The Night Before collection by Natasha Wing addressing familiar holidays or concerns with the classic Twas The Night Before Christmas rhyme.  Even the younger set will identify familiar Thanksgiving activities that their own families engage in while preparing for the holiday.  Check out the author’s other similarly titled books, like The Night Before Mother’s Day, you might find a new favorite.

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All photos courtesy of Pam Margolis. There’s a Thanksgiving book out there for just about everyone.  Tell me a favorite of yours. Oh and save me a piece of pumpkin pie, will ya?



Pam is the blogger behind An Unconventional Librarian.  When she is not reading and reviewing books, she is making YouTube videos, singing The Wiggles, and generally dreaming about coffee and cake.