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What Matters Most:
6 Steps To Holiday Peace
Instead Of Chaos

Don’t you just love this time of year when the weather cools down, the leaves are changing and that safe, comforting feeling of just sitting by the fire with your mug filled with your favorite hot drink?. Then SNAP the reality of the holidays are just around the corner…whisking away that peaceful feeling and tossing you into a frenzy of activities, shopping and eating all things sugary and fattening.  With thirteen people in our home finding balance is always challenge, especially around the holidays. If I am not careful to first evaluate what matters most to me and my family and then build our schedule around that I am easily tossed to and fro from one activity to the next feeling like I am doing nothing well. Far too many holidays I have found myself falling into the trap of comparison. The other Mom’s seem to have everything in place. They look put together and calm, their house is in order and already decorated for the season. They do not seem to be disheveled with their hair in a ponytail, yet again, because they didn’t get a shower before the kids woke up.

We all know that comparison will take us down the path of discouragement rather than a place of moving forward. Yet it is a place I seem to willingly take myself.  What I’ve learned is that in order to do anything well there must be a plan in place. It brings clarity and focus as well as a resolute confidence in what you’re doing so that you are not being tossed to and fro every day.

Here are 6 suggestions for bringing peace in your heart and home through the holidays.


Creative Commons/A Green Christmas

Creative Commons/A Green Christmas

Evaluate what is most important to your family for the holidays. Is it baking with your children, inviting families over to go caroling, making gifts for your neighbors, finding a family to secretly bless with a box of food and gifts? Whatever traditions and activities you want to see happen, put them in place on your calendar now or they won’t happen.

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Recognize that you can’t do everything and that learning to say “No” to some things is healthy. Including backing out of activities that seemed like a good idea at the time but have actually brought a level of un-welcomed chaos to your home.

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Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Choose to make yourself a priority and take care of yourself. Get to bed on time, eat healthfully, avoid all the candy, cookies and treats that will only cause you to feel horrible and possibly put on weight. Also, make time to check out of the craziness you have going on all around you and get a massage or a pedicure or grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte’ and go shopping in your favorite little store alone, without any children in toe. Do something nice for yourself that will help you to relax.

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GEM Enjoy Each Season Of Life

Take time to enjoy this season of your life and enjoy the journey, whether you have little ones or big kids. This season of your life will pass by so quickly. Take time to sit back and look for the good in your life and count your blessings. You know the saying “Happy people are not happy because they have everything rather they are happy because they are thankful for everything they have.”

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Creative Commons/Leap Year

Creative Commons/Leap Year

Be willing to cut even more things out as needed. In my home Mondays often set the tone for the week. If I have not planned well over the weekend for meals and on Monday I end up running errands and the laundry is piling up my whole week seems to take on that craziness.

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Creative Commons/OtakuUnited

Creative Commons/OtakuUnited

Don’t be afraid to bring in help. You do not have to be wonder-woman! If you have it in your budget bring in a house cleaner or a teen to help fold and put away laundry or clean the bathrooms. If you home-school bring in a tutor or consider sending your child(ren) to a co-op or class. For years I thought that if I didn’t do it all~cooking from scratch, cleaning, laundry, menu planning and shopping, schooling, entertaining… that it was a reflection how good of a wife and mother I was. I had to change the concept in my mind of what is ideal and what is real. Not that I tossed in the towel but that I realized I my expectations of myself were unobtainable and unreasonable and it robbed me of the joy that should come along with Motherhood.

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May this holiday season be one filled with joy and peace as you purpose to find what matters most in your life!


Tricia ♥

What about you? How do you manage to stay sane during the holidays? Let us know !

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