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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! From Our Family To Yours!


From Our Family To Yours!


Yay! It’s here.. it’s FINALLY HERE! Thanksgiving.. aka Buff’s Super Bowl. I’m not kidding, my husband takes this day more serious than all the others (including our own anniversary, I think).  He starts prepping with a menu, then experimenting with desserts, bringing the bird and it all leads to an amazing finale, of course, Thanksgiving day.
It’s truly a feast and something to be savored and enjoyed.

For that reason, we’re not going to be posting a lot here today; I hope that you, like the members of #TeamGEM are enjoying time with friends, family and food.

Enjoy your turkey, trimmings and extra slice of pumpkin pie and we’ll see you very soon!

In the meantime, here are a couple of posts from our fabulous stable of contributors that may have gotten by you.



Contributor Andi Kimbrough laments losing a loved one to that little box: Live, Love, Blend: Thanksgiving Woes Of A Football Widow

Creative Commons/adrielsocrates

Creative Commons/adrielsocrates

Contributor Alexis Trass Walker gives us great ideas for teaching kids how to have a heart! 10 From GEM: 10 Ways To Teach Kids Compassion


Need to keep a special eye on pets this time of year too! A Pet’s Perspective: How To Keep Your Dog Healthy Through The Holidays And Beyond

#6 - fill one plate, including dessert

The dreaded weight gain! It’s not inevitable.. check out this guest posting on how not to lose all that you worked so hard for throughout the year! Top 10 Ways To Fight The Battle Of The Bulge Over The Holidays

jade and jasper  give thank ad

And of course a HUGE thanks to GEM advertiser Jade and Jasper! Of course they were our Survivor Stories 2013 sponsor and have continued to show their commitment to what we do here. There’s a special deal in this for you too! For every purchase over $50, you get a pair of earrings! Check out my Instagram where I’ve been rockin’ some of the cool selections!

Read more about why we’re so grateful this time of year! Team GEM Is Thankful

That’s just a portion of the things that have been going on around here.. What’s good in your life? What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?





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