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Ask Rene: How Do I Handle A Horrible Boss?


Ask Rene:
How Do I Handle A Horrible Boss?

My boss is terrible. She’s new to the company and I think she feels she has something to prove. She plays mind games and does sneaky things that seem to set employees up for failure. People either walk on eggshells around her or they fall all over themselves sucking up. I just want to do my job. What can I do to make the situation bearable?


Terrified of Losing My Job in Topeka

Dear Terrified:

Blech. Yucky. Boo. Hiss. I hate bad bosses and sadly, I have worked with a few in my time, though none on the level of what you describe here. I have my own thoughts on how to handle a boss like this, but it’s strictly from the perspective of an employee (and may or may not involve hiding all the good ink pens. Kidding. Not really).

So a boss like the one you describe has “issues”; the trick is not to get caught up in the hell of her making. So here’s what I would do if I were you.

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Ever hear the saying, “The Devil Is In The Detail”? It’s true! So don’t assume and leave nothing to chance. I would make an appointment with your boss and just make sure that you are doing everything she expects of you. That’s not sucking up either; that’s being proactive and getting on the same page.

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I asked my own, live-in businessman what advice he would offer. Buff Parham is a true, no-nonsense kind of guy who’s spent decades in sales and management. His advice was, and I quote, “Filter out everything that does not involve you directly.” That’s a really nice way of saying, “Mind your own business.” Go to work every day, put your head down and do your job. Don’t gossip about who’s getting an undeserved promotion or that your expense report got kicked back or you didn’t get invited to the popular party. If it doesn’t have anything to do with your job, don’t do anything with it.


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And last tip from my businessman/guru/husband Buff, if you feel like things are still unfair or that you’re being targeted, go to your company’s Human Resources Department. Buff says every company should have procedures in place whereby you can go on record about your boss (anonymously) without fear of retribution or retaliation. If you are punished for making a (legitimate) complaint, you’re probably working for the wrong company.

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It sounds like your boss is working through her own demons, perhaps borne of insecurity and uncertainty. Let her work those out; you just do your work.

That’s my advice; what say you GEMnation?

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