The GEM Debate:
OVERSERVED? Are Restaurants
Wrong For THIS? (POLL) 

I love me some social media. I love Facebook, Twitter and more recently Instagram. However, there is a growing list of restaurants that do not share my enthusiasm for all things social media.  In this piece on CNN.com, there appears to be a growing list of eating establishments that are asking diners to holster their handhelds in favor of a more peaceful dining experience.

I guess I’m of two minds on this: first, I love taking pictures and sharing on Instagram and doggone it, those little filters make even a novice with a smart phone look like she knows what she’s doing.


I have to say..

I understand.

The issue in core, is about manners. The problem is, too few people have decent ones and that’s a hard (if not impossible) thing to teach once they’re past a certain age and well into adulthood.

I had to make a couple of pressing phone calls while on the train. I hate to do that because I hate having everyone else up in my business. So I hit ’em hard and got out, speaking in just above a whispered tone.

Not so for the woman across from me who talked (loudly) on her smart phone about who was going to pick up her kid, what a deadbeat her baby daddy was and how much money she planned to lose gambling at the casino this weekend.

Rules like this are a good attempt, but it’s hard to shame people into a certain behavior when they have no shame.

What do you think of the ban? Take the poll and leave a comment!

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