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Show Your Disney Side! (VIDEO)


Look at that picture up above! That 25-year-old woman with a waist measurement smaller than that was having the time of her life!  That was an opportunity I had many, many years ago to go on a media junket, learn an act and perform at Disneyland. It was a blast, even though I can’t sing at all!

But take a look at that face.. that smile (it’s there) and the pure joy.

That was my Disney Side,  20-plus years ago! I have a chance to recapture that magic and you can too!

The fine folks there are launching something called, Show Your Disney Side. But wait.. what the heck is that and how can we find it?

Everyone has a Disney Side; it’s that part of you that laughs uncontrollably, the side that, for a moment, doesn’t have a care in the world!

And sometimes that Disney Side manifests itself in the most unusual places.


We’re big fans of Disney around here; it’s where I met our awesome blog coordinator Jackie Gailey a few years back, while speaking at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.

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The point is that sometimes, life can be so serious, so why NOT take a second to lighten up, to show your Disney Side?

Now you can and, with the click of a mouse (no pun intended), share that with the world.

Disney Parks has launched a new website, DisneySide.com, where you can share your own Disney Side! Be sure to use the hashtag #DisneySide via your social media channels including Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook.

Don’t believe  everyone has a Disney Side? oh well.. take a peek.


JerrySorcerorMickeyJackie’s husband, Jerry

Jackie says: “When I step through the gates at Disney Parks, my Disney Side comes right out to play! Sometimes, members of the family don’t realize they have a Disney Side until they throw on a Sorcerer Mickey hat!”

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Your Disney Side never expires! Here’s my mother, Anne Syler and me. And our ears (and eyes).

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kidslaughingwithstepmotherJackie’s kids having a great time


“Sometimes we may find ourselves out for dinner with characters having so much fun because the characters are so true to form that you can hardly control your laughter! Look at those faces! The Evil Stepmother is SO done with their shenanigans!”

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My husband and son have something of a love-dislike (at times) relationship. That’s why the genuine smiles in this photo always get me!

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But if there was any proof of the magic of Disney it would be that my two teens get along marvelously while we’re there. They explore together, want to experience the rides together and even want to do things without mom and dad. I LOVE that!

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Right now, you could win $1,000, or the Grand Prize – a Disney Parks vacation plus $10,000 to create an extended Vine series by simply sharing your Disney Side!

Well? What are you waiting for?!

Oh and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter as I head out to Disneyland in the next couple of days to show you my very own Disney Side!