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Monday Morning Motivation: Trying To Reinvent? The Three Things You MUST Do On The Path To Success

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Monday Morning Motivation:
Trying To Reinvent?

The Three Things You MUST Do On The Path To Success


Hola GEMs! Happy Monday! Hope you’re ready to tackle the workweek with all the vigor of a 21-year-old who just finished two Red Bulls and a bag of Skittles for breakfast!

Today’s Monday Morning Motivation is borne of a conversation I had with a friend this weekend. A woman of a “certain age”, she unexpectedly lost her job last week. To say she has a lot of things to figure in a short amount of time would be a massive understatement.

She was one who watched my own transformation over the years, so she reached out for a quick chat. I know she’s going to be fine; she’s sharp and smart; tenacious and very good at what she does. But even with all those things, it’s very easy for that devil called self-doubt to creep in and steal your confidence.

Here are three things I came up with that she can (and must) do right now, but here’s the thing; they’re not just for people who’ve lost jobs…  they’re for anyone who wants to transition into something else, or just grow within their current situation.

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This is job one! You wouldn’t jump in a car and head out on a road trip without first looking at a map, would you? You need to identify what it is you want to do. Are there mitigating factors or circumstances that would keep you in a particular city ? If that answer is yes, and there are only a few positions like that in your town, then you need to modify your job search. That doesn’t mean you can’t still do what  you are trained to do, but you might have to look at other ways to use your skill set.

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Online and IRL (Hello? In Real Life! Duh!). Now is the time to let every, single person you come across know you are looking for work. Make sure your resume is up to date (a given in economic times like these) but also get with the social media program. I encourage everyone to write, even if you think  you’re not very good. Two reasons. First you will get better with practice and secondly, a blog is like a living, breathing resume/business card. It let’s people know who you are, what you’re about, your stance on issues and so on. Also a blog can travel around the world in seconds; try that with a business card! But social media doesn’t mean you get a pass in the real world. Pick up the telephone and call folks! Invite them to coffee (or wine) for a quick catch up session. You never know who they know and it will do your head some good. And it goes without saying,  make sure your dues are paid on any professional organizations you belong to and then go to events they sponsor. Pretend this is a courtship as you look for your next “mate.”

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Fishing Poles on Pier with river in Background

Now that you have identified what you want, made the contacts you need to, it’s time to go fishing. Back in those dark days, I likened my own situation to a fishing expedition;  the more poles I had in the water, the better the odds of catching a fish. That meant that not everything I did was totally in the GEM wheelhouse; some were a little “off-brand” but I went and did them anyway (as long as they were not TOO far off-brand). You never know when something that’s not a great fit now, might lead to the perfect opportunity later not to mention the contacts you will make.

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I am as sure as the day is long that my friend is going to be okay in part because I’ve been to that very deep, dark place where everything I touched seemed to crumbled around me. But I also know that with each day comes the chance to do it again, to make it better, to chart your own path, as cliche as that sounds. As long as my friend (and you) know that and believe it, greatness is within her (your) grasp.

Now, go get ’em!

What advice would you give to someone like my friend, who’s unexpectedly lost their job and is facing a lot of uncertainty?

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