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GEMs Of Beauty: Hand Help For Your Helping Hands


GEMs Of Beauty:
Hand Help For Your Helping Hands

I was walking up New York City’s Madison Avenue the other day, hurrying to a meeting, when I noticed something jarring. As women of a certain age (well, okay, over 40, which is a lot younger than moi) passed by, chatting or window shopping or lost in thought, I wondered why so many of them had a peculiar, same-y look to their faces. They looked good, mind you, but their skin was just a little bit too smooth and shiny and plumped-up to be real. What I call the TEMP look—aka Too Many Procedures. They’re trying to stave off the inevitable, but you know what the giveaway is?

Their hands.

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We spend endless hours using products on our faces, but do we pay the same attention to our hands? I sure forgot about them, especially when I was slapping on the sunscreen. Putting too much goo on your hands can leave them sticky, which is a problem if you’re driving or texting or trying to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a screaming toddler. But once the skin on your hands starts to go…it’s really hard to get that elasticity back.

Take a look at Madonna’s hands if you want to see what I mean…

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She has so little body fat that she’d need a whole lot of injectible filler to plump up those digits. (That is a viable procedure, but it is costly, painful, and doesn’t last. If you’re tempted, be sure to go to a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon with a lot of hand experience, as this is one body part that should never be messed with!)

So it’s much better to get into the hand cream habit. Keep bottles or tubes handy (ha, bad pun!) in the kitchen, bathroom, handbag, and your office. Use sunscreen on your hands religiously. Always apply a super-rich cream at night and let it soak in.  These fabulous creams will help:



Paula’s Choice should always be your go-to site for information about beauty product ingredients. Founded by beauty expert Paula Begoun, the “Cosmetics Cop” and author of Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, the contents of her products are scrupulously researched, and as she doesn’t believe in all the beauty hype (yay!), her prices are extremely reasonable for the top quality she sells. Use this hand cream during the day, as it’s got sunscreen in it, and it’ll also keep your skin soft and supple.

Buy it for $13 at

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Okay, okay, so I know that fragrance is an irritant for some—which you will realize when you read some of Paula’s expert advice–but I am such a scent junkie that I swoon for divinely perfumed creams (and luckily have yet to have had any kind of allergic or other reaction). So when I was able to sample some of Royal Apothic’s hand creams, I was in heaven. They are based on centuries-old recipes, updated by creator Sean O’Mara, and when you apply them right before bed, you’ll going to have some very sweet dreams. I adore Topiary, which smells like fresh-cut grass, and Holland Park, a beautiful floral.

Buy it for $24 at

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When the skin on your hands is looking mottled or uneven, you need more than just a hand cream—you need help. Revision Skincare has created Lumiquin Brightening Treatment, and it’s just what Dr. GEM ordered for intensive repair. All you have to do is apply a pearl-sized drop on the back of each hand before bedtime, and gently massage it in. You can then use a moisturizing hand cream afterward if you like. Before you know it, your hands will look years younger. Please tell Madonna.

Buy it at (call for pricing 1-866-779-3376)

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Sally Hansen knows nails. And now they know hand care, too. If your hands are super-dry and your cuticles are a mess, choose the Dry Chapped Hand Crème, and if you need to brighten up age spots or dullness, go for the Smooth and Perfect. Both are loaded with dimethicone and shea butter to give your hands long-lasting hydration without stickiness.

Buy it for $6.99 at

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When I like to pretend I’m back in the south of France, wandering through endless fields of lavender, a glass of wine in one hand and a handsome French hunk in the other, I can fuel this fantasy whenever I use one of L’Occitane’s delectable creams. Not only are they drenched in super-moisturizing shea butter, but they really make your hands smell fantastic. Go for the ultra-rich Shea Butter Hand Cream if you need extra help, or choose from other scents like Cherry Princess, Lavender, Almond, Verbena Ice, or Rose. The one-ounce travel size is also perfect for your handbag or desk drawer.

Buy it for $12-28 at

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So remember: Sunscreen on the face, sunscreen on the hands. Keep a tube in your handbag, at your desk, and in the kitchen. Slather on a nourishing cream after you wash your hands, whenever they feel dry, and last thing at night. Before you know it, your hands will look a lot better and your kids will stop complaining that your touch reminds them of a lizard…!

Okay your turn.. what do you do to keep your hands from giving away your age? Let us know in the comments.

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Karen Moline is the author of two novels, the recently reissued Lunch and Belladonna; coauthor of the bestseller, Sh*tty Mom; coauthor/ghostwriter of over two dozen nonfiction books, including the ever-fabulous Good Enough Mother; and a journalist whose work has appeared in publications around the world. See more at She lives with her son in NYC.

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