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Too Much Sun? 5 Ways To
Soothe Burning Skin

You know those Staples commercials where the song, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is playing, while an ecstatic dad shops for school supplies while the kids sulk? That’s the bittersweet September song, signaling the end of hot summer days (not to mention busted air conditioners and endless squabbling) and the cooler weather to come (but please, for the love of GOD, please don’t start playing the holiday commercials the day after Halloween).

September signals something else: Après-summer skin….the crunchy, flaky, super-dry, spotted, reddened, and/or blotchy skin that’s your summer fun souvenir. The one you got chasing the kids at the beach or in the back yard so you could slather the sunscreen all over them…while forgetting to apply your own.

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Sun-fried skin is no joke, though. “Summer sun depletes the water element in the skin leaving it feeling dry, dull and prone to premature aging,” explains Kristy Cimesa, found of Elemental Herbology, who has a background in traditional Chinese medicine. “To nourish the water element, it is important that you use products that have strong humectant properties, locking moisture into the skin to help reinforce the barrier function and repair parched summer skin.”

Use any of these yummy products regularly, and you can kiss those summertime skin blues away.

Hint:  They’re also great for use après-sledding, skiing, skating, and snow shoveling, so stock up!


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Skincare products made for babies need to be gentle and as chemical-free as possible. That makes them safe for your precious darlings, and worthy of pinching for your own needs. Especially when they smell as good as Erbabiva’s Organic Baby Butter, which is great for big babies like me. With a base of sunflower oil, cocoa butter and beeswax, it’s especially gentle for sunburned or super-dry skin, and it’s great for your face and neck too. Slather it on and you’ll feel like you just walked into a spa.

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When your skin is dull and dry, you need a botanical-drenched cream that is going to soothe and soften. This moisturizer is lightweight, and loaded with aloe leaf, avocado oil, and macadamia seed oil, vitamins A and E, and lots of buriti oil, which is made from the fruit of the moriche palm tree, found in Brazil and Peru.

Buy it for $30 at



I love masks, but who has the time to do them, or even remember to do them? You might be enticed to slather one on, however, when it smells as refreshing as Clairvoyant Beauty’s new Cooling Cucumber Mask. Just apply it right after you wash your face, and you’ll feel instantly better as its cucumber extract and organic aloe vera calm even the most sensitive skin while reducing water retention to minimize puffiness, while anti-oxidant rich cranberry seed oil and moisturizing glycerin give you the hydration you need.

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Open a jar of Tilth’s Moisture Cream, and you’ll be inhaling what smells intoxicatingly like a summer’s flower garden. It’s just totally yummy. And what makes it work so soothingly well on sun-fried skin is its botanical oils and extracts, as well as a heaping dose of raspberry leaf wax, which hydrates skin without gunking up your pores. No wonder Tilth’s motto is “Cultivating Beautiful Skin.”

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While you’re tending to your face, please spare a moment of pity for your poor l’il neck, and what lies beneath. I always get really red skin in that area, no matter how much sunscreen I glop on, and this area has a lot of damage that is hard to undo—mainly because it’s so easy to forget about the reapplication of sun protection when you’re doing your face or hands. That’s why I love Clarin’s little pump-tube of this Moisture Care. It’s small enough to throw into your makeup bag, and its scent makes you think of the beach even when you’re sitting under fluorescent lights in your office cubicle. And it’s rich enough to bring your blah skin back to life.

Buy it for $38 at,en_US,sc.html


Now you know how to to tend to tender skin. What are you summer sun soothing tips? Share them with us in the comments section!

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