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Monday Morning Motivation: Want To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality? 3 Things You MUST Do!

Monday Morning Motivation:
Want To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality? 3 Things You MUST Do!

Hey all, Happy Monday! I’m on the road taping the second Sweet Retreats show in Maine, so I’m reposting a Monday Morning Motivation from the not-too-distant past. 

My sister, Tracy Syler-Jones

For today’s Monday Morning Motivation I’d like to introduce you to a dream chaser. Make that dream CATCHER! This is the story of my incredibly successful sister who had a bit of a rocky start in her adult life. In her mid-20’s, Tracy Syler Jones found herself miles from home, with no job, no income and two young boys to support. As her marriage disintegrated, she relied on the kindness of friends, some of whom let her and her boys live in their basement for more than a year. She went for years barely making ends meet.

Fast forward 17 years; now she’s the Vice Chancellor For Marketing and Communication at TCU, the mother of two handsome, successful college students, the wife of an amazing man, a homeowner and firmly in control of her life, which includes an incredibly bright future. So how did she do it and furthermore, how can you? Three simple things…

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Tracy made some mistakes early on but she didn’t allow them to cripple her. Instead, she decided what she wanted out of her life and it didn’t include living the way she was. Once she acknowledged that, she made a plan. She combed the want ads and found a job that allowed her to work and care for her boys. It didn’t pay a lot but she also knew she wasn’t going to be there forever. With that, Tracy had made the vital, first step of her life journey.

When was the last time you headed out on a journey without a map? You don’t have to have all the answers at the outset but you do need to know at least some of the specifics. Saying, “I want to see the Pacific Ocean”  and jumping in your car pointed west is not the same as, “I’m going to drive on Highway 50 for 10 days, stopping at (fill in the location) for rest and food. Get it?

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Gotta name it to claim it! Once Tracy verbalized what she wanted, she set about obtaining those things. Many times she had to push her own wants and needs to the back burner, especially if they were not in keeping with her long-term goal. Then she played a masterful game of life chess. Tracy  found mentors, wrote for publications, joined professional organizations and kicked to the curb, anyone who was dead weight in her life. She knew instinctively it’s hard to stay afloat (much less swim for shore) with people who don’t have your best interest at heart. It meant making a drastic move too; she packed up her boys and herself and moved hundreds of miles from her home (without a job) for a fresh start.

In life there are things we are not going to be able to control; job loss, illness, natural disaster. But we can mitigate the effects with good planning. Play a masterful game of life chess.

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 With the roadmap in place and making strategic moves, Tracy was able to look back on her young life and see where the decisions she made, contributed to her current situation. It was like algebra almost; “Choice A leads leads to Situation B. I don’t like being in Situation B, therefore I will not make Choice A again.”  Pretty simple right? But acknowledging that we are in control of our choices (which, in turn lead us to our situations) requires a certain level of maturity and self-awareness.

A huge part of this journey is accepting that we had some hand in getting here. If you’re an entrepreneur and business is slow, blame the economy in part, but also look inward. Are you working as hard as you can be? Are you making good business decisions? Have you asked for help? If you want a big house on the  hill, what moves are you making RIGHT NOW, to get you there? Are you protecting your credit? Are you foregoing impulse purchases so you can save money on a downpayment? If you’re carrying around 20 extra pounds and you feel like crap, what are you doing to change that? Reading memes with pithy sentiments on Facebook is not going to shrink your waist.

Do you have the emotional maturity to be really honest with yourself about the choices you’re making? Are you willing to accept responsibility for your life and the role you play in keeping your dreams out of reach?

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You are not a dinghy being  battered about by rough waters but you have decisions to make, well, two choices, really. You can sit and hope your dreams come true. Or you can be like my sister who had a dream, then did something about it. Which will you do?

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