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Monday Morning Motivation:
4 Reasons You MUST
Stop Hating On You!

Happy Monday everyone! Unlike many, I do love the start of the work week; it’s a chance to set the refresh button and position ourselves for the week ahead. So with new goals and dreams in our sights, let’s get started with today’s Monday Morning Motivation.

I read and tweeted and interesting piece in The Huffington Post last week. It talked about the 23 things women should stop doing. And so.. being a woman, I had to beat feet over there to see if I was doing any of those things.

And that, believe it or not, was one of the things on the list, well sort of.

The piece details nearly two dozen things that women have a tendency to do. Truth be told, when I read it, there were more than a few I was doing, though I’m happy to say, several I was not.


While I don’t apologize all the time or worry that my house doesn’t look like a Pinterest board, (I still have temporary shades on some windows. From YEARS ago. Let that sink in for a moment) there were other priorities that are a regular part of my repertoire, like seeing food as the enemy and setting deadlines for major life goals.

But in thinking about this, I started to realize this was no damn good. Why? So many reasons, but I will detail 4 of them here. 



Remember The Kid President? He became a YouTube sensation by speaking the truth.. from a little kid’s perspective. And it was effective. He hasn’t been around long enough to be jaded, hasn’t seen some of the hardships we have seen as adults. The world is laid out before him and he’s going to take it. We need to take a lesson from the Kid President. Thoughts become words and words become real. Make them count.


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I spent some quality time with my daughter last night (doing hair, what else). Lately I’ve noticed she’s become a very big apologizer. She’s always been a people pleaser and honestly, that’s not such a bad thing. Until you begin pleasing others at the expense of pleasing yourself. They may not always listen to what we say, but they are watching. Set good examples.

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Maybe it’s all my years in TV or perhaps just all my years on this planet but there is one thing I know; you will never please everyone. In fact, there will be some who will hate on you for no reason other than the sport of it. So why join them in the bashing? You need to do just the opposite; live yourself up when others tear you down. That’s not ego; that’s self-preservation.

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I was out walking my trusted companion Olivia the other day , letting my mind wander as I took in the beautiful fall colors. I was thinking about the quantum growth I have experienced over the last 6 or 7 years. It has not been easy (didn’t you hear what The Kid President said?!) but every, single step in the journey has been worth it. Why? Because I learned and grew in ways I never thought possible. That would not have happened if I was steady kicking myself around for minor (and some major) gaffes.

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So as you get started this week, take a read of this list. Are you doing things on it that you should not be? Are you hating on yourself? Why and when will you stop?