happy birthday caseyHappy Birthday Casey!
From Your Really Average Mom


There are times in life where you feel completely, totally, wholly incapable of the task at hand. And, in some cases, undeserving of the joy it brings. There are times you feel like you got it handled and others when you feel like a failure.

Welcome to my life. Welcome to parenthood.

This is  my annual “Happy Birthday Casey”, a post I write for my daughter every year on her birthday, which is  September 2. It’s now September 12th, 10 days after the actual day of her birth.

And I feel like sh*t.

See, this has been a tough year for us; well actually the last several have not been much of a cakewalk, as those of you who follow me know. But truthfully one of my biggest challenges and greatest fears is figuring out how to balance my own career/life rebuild while still providing a stable home environment for my kids.

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The last several years have dealt us, like so many others in the country, a sobering dose of reality and I am proud to say, my kids have buckled down and not missed a beat.

Leading the charge (among my kids, anyway) is Casey.

When I look at my oldest child, she literally takes my breath away. She’s smart, poised and beautiful; every single thing I was not at her age.

How do I love thee, child? Let me count the ways.



Well almost. We’re in the throes of learning how to drive; not me, her. And it’s making both of us a nervous wreck. Well not her; me. We’ve had more than our share of tense moments and cross words. Typically what happens is we leave the best of friends and come back not speaking. That doesn’t last for long but while we’re in it, it’s not a lot of fun. Blessedly that doesn’t last for long; unlike her mother, Casey’s not a grudge-holder.

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NATURAL BEAUTY PicMonkey Collage

Lest you think I’m feeding into gender specific roles (you know, she’s pretty, he’s strong) let me set the record straight. When I say Casey is a natural beauty what I mean is that it emanates from the inside. But (and I guess somewhat superficial), she is also my hair idol. When I went through the trauma of losing my hair and trying to find what was going to work best for me, I spent countless hours watching YouTube videos. Really, all I needed to do was look no further than down the hall.

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She has a beautiful soul, something you don’t see in a lot of people much less a teenager.

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Remember in those early days of baby-dom when all those little people did was eat and sleep? Remember when all  you wanted was for them to do more than eat and sleep; a smile perhaps? A coo here or there. Remember when it happened and you nearly fell off your chair? Well imagine that 10-fold. When you have a kid who can carry on a conversation (which includes forming a an argument used AGAINST you), it’s intoxicating.  One more example that you must be doing something right.

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I have a big heart. I will give a lot, until someone takes advantage and then all bets are off. I have no problem saying I can be ruthless. Casey, God bless this child, has none of that and it’s admirable. I remember her first grade teacher, in a report telling me that she was the peacemaker among her friends. The world needs more of those.

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I say all this to say, I do hope my kid forgives me for being a totally average mom, who did try to do her best.

Love you Casey and Happy Birthday, baby!

You are BEAUTIFUL, my sweet girl! Here’s Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful video that always makes me think of you!