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10 Hearty And Healthy Fall Foods

It’s pretty easy to eat healthy foods in the summer; so many fresh fruits and vegetables are readily available. Restaurants go out of their way to create menus that reflect lighter eating. But, this is the time of year when salads for lunch is a hard sell (who wants to eat a cold salad on a cold day? Yeah, I’ll have soup, please). Just because fall foods tend to be heavier than summer foods doesn’t mean they can’t be healthy. Read on for 10 fall foods that are satisfying and healthy.


Creative Commons/Qfamily

Creative Commons/Qfamily

Maybe you tend to think of pumpkins as something that go best in pie or spiced lattes. However, a pumpkin can be savory instead of, or in addition to, being sweet. Try making a delicious pumpkin soup with a little cayenne pepper and onions. Top it with roasted pumpkin seeds and wait for your taste buds take off.

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Creative Commons/Amber Karnes

Creative Commons/Amber Karnes

Reducing the intake of animal protein is a great strategy for health. Chili is one those meals where you can easily leave out the meat and rely on beans like kidney, black, and pinto. Experiment with other beans you like. If you want to give your chili a little more heft, add cooked and diced vegetables like mushrooms, zucchini, or squash.

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Creative Commons/pebbles + marbles

Creative Commons/pebbles + marbles

Mac and cheese can be very indulgent, but one diced butternut squash will raise the nutritional value. You won’t taste it and neither will your picky eaters. Reduce the calories in your mac and cheese by ditching the heavy cream and using evaporated milk instead.

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Creative Commons/edestlin

Creative Commons/edestlin

No fall food list is complete without chicken noodle soup. It’s comforting, healing when you have a cold, and versatile in its ingredients. If you’re short on time, heat the broth in the microwave while you sauté and flavor the vegetables. You’ll be eating within 20 minutes.

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Creative Commons/BrianHolbrook

Creative Commons/BrianHolbrook

Apples are one of the fall’s most bountiful and healthy fruit. Pork—“the other white meat”—is a healthier alternative to red meat. Cooking them together is pretty quick and easy. This meal is a win-win-win. Pair it with a vegetable like green beans and you’ve got a crowd-pleasing dinner.

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Creative Commons/Back to the Cutting Board

Creative Commons/Back to the Cutting Board

This is a great alternative to another fall favorite, fried chicken and mashed potatoes. No time to cook? No problem! Head to your favorite grocery store and buy a rotisserie chicken. Grab a few sweet potatoes, too, because when you get home, you’re going to scrub them clean, pat them dry, prick them all over with a fork, and toss them in the microwave for 8-10 minutes. Dinner is done.

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Creative Commons/kirinqueen

Creative Commons/kirinqueen

Spinach is a powerhouse vegetable, full of fiber, iron, calcium, and beta-carotene. Add some variety to the pie by including a little bacon. There are several ways to make spinach pie, but a favorite around here is the crust-free variety. If you absolutely must have bread, try a crusty bread like French or sourdough on the side of your pie.

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Here’s something just for the kiddos. This fast food favorite doesn’t have to be loaded with fat and calories. The key is to prepare the meal yourself with baked chicken nuggets and baked sweet potato fries. Both can be extremely flavorful and healthy because you control the seasonings.

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Creative Commons/Perennial Chef

Creative Commons/Perennial Chef

Lasagna is one of the ultimate cold-weather foods and a little of it goes a long way. It’s wonderful for large families and freezer-friendly, so you can have leftovers. You can pack a lot of nutritional power and savory flavors in lasagna by using lots of fresh vegetables like zucchini, squash, eggplant, and red pepper.

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Creative Commons/Barb Bradley

Creative Commons/Barb Bradley

Casseroles give you a great reason to use the oven you tried to avoid all summer. With a few substitutions, almost any casserole can be healthy and balanced. For instance, with a breakfast casserole, use egg whites instead of the whole egg and whole wheat bread instead of white bread. Turkey sausage can be used instead of pork sausage. Don’t forget the vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, and spinach that will round out the casserole.

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We want to hear about your favorite, healthy fall meals. Share your thoughts below.

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