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What’s Your
Default Position? 

Whoo Hooo! That’s me giving thanks for the end of a successful Season 1 of Sweet Retreats! We just wrapped up shooting the final show in Napa and now yours truly gets an entire month off! But then it’s back to work, going into production on Season 2.

When we shoot in a city, we hire a production assistant who can help us find our way around, take one of the cameramen around to shoot b-roll (cover video), move lights and just help out on other ways on the shoot. For Napa, it was Scott Voss.

photo 7

Scott Voss and me, Sonoma, CA

I met Scott the first day of the shoot (each one takes three days) and we had a moment to sit down at lunch and chat. Looking out over the beautiful Napa landscape, he told me a little bit about himself.

I was curious because he was always..


In between takes I would look over at him, and no matter what he was doing, striking lights, helping out the photographers or director, moving cars, whatever it was, he was….


What gives? I wondered.

So I finally asked.

It turns out Scott is the primary caregiver for his brother, a quadriplegic who broke his neck in a motorcycle accident eight years ago.

And while he could have had someone come in and look after his brother, he decided no one could do it with as much care and love as he could.

He gave up a high-powered job in media to become his brother’s keeper.

And he smiled.

It’s interesting because I have had quite a few “smilers” come into my life over the last couple of weeks and months.

The other person I can think of off the bat is Good Enough Mother blog coordinator Jackie Gailey.


GEM Blog Coordinator Jackie Gailey 

Jackie is one of those people who is always smiling; heck you can even hear her smiles in her emails. While I was out on the road for this Sweet Retreats trip, I would get an update every day from her on what was going on on the site. Not complaining, just an update.

With a smile.

I thought a lot about Scott and Jackie or really why more of us are not like they are. It’s not that they have it all figured out or have no struggles. It’s just that they seem to have found the true meaning of a word that seems to elude so many of us.


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Joy doesn’t mean you have no problems; rather is seems to stem from a place of peace. I’ll bet Scott and Jackie still have problems. But they have made a choice in how they handle them, how they see them.

I can’t speak for them but I would say knowing both of them (Jackie better than Scott) they both seemed to have an appreciation for where they were. I’m not saying they don’t have goals, but there’s something more there; like they understood the journey is a big part of the destination. Or that maybe it IS the destination.

Once you have that joy, that peace about a situation or where you’re going, it seems to emanate from within. How does it manifest itself?

A smile.

My crazy, chaotic life feels slighter more enriched because of these two people and I’m going to try to practice what they do.

So my question to you is:

What’s your default position?

A smile?

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