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The GEM Debate: Should We EXPECT Privacy From Them? (POLL)

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The GEM Debate:
Should We EXPECT Privacy From Them? (POLL)

Hmmm.. wow this is a tough one.

Before I launch into this let me say, I love Google. I Love gmail. We run many of the operations pertinent to the business side of Good Enough Mother using Google systems. My husband has been a long time fan and GEM blog coordinator Jackie Gailey too; in fact, one of the first things she did when coming on board was switch our editorial calendar over to Google drive, which has streamlined our operation a lot!

In short, it’s made us and our bloggers more productive.

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You know how much that costs?


Or does it?

According to this piece, Google filed a brief in federal court, stating that its users should have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

Wow. I can see where this would not go over well with privacy proponents but there is a part of me, the pragmatic businesswoman, who says, I get it.

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You see all those services I listed above? The email, google drive, calendar and so much more? Well those systems have to be built, put in place and operated by someone. In other words, even an Internet giant needs to eat (or at least the people who work for it) so this becomes something of a trade off. In my case, I’m willing to let Google have access to my emails and send targeted ads based on those things, in exchange for the services it provides me.

We’ve seen this before, in various incarnations; people complain about Facebook’s rules and conditions, yet they sign up to use it.

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Other complain about flying, specifically having to take off various articles of clothing.

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My take on all of these things, Google, Facebook…even flying, is this: If you don’t want to abide by the terms of use, then don’t use them. It’s just that simple. No one is forcing you to use Facebook but people sign up every day (people also opt out every day too); You don’t have to share photos and silly memes on Facebook and you could always drive to your destination.

That’s how I feel.. what say you? Should you expect privacy if you turn your information over to a 3rd party? Will Google’s stance make you less likely to use them?


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