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The GEM Debate: Reasonable Or A Government Overreach?


The GEM Debate:
Reasonable Or A Government Overreach?

Well here’s an interesting little something that caught my eye the other day. The government is in the process of hiring a “Behavioral Insights Team” whose responsibility would consist (partly) of looking for ways to subtly influence the behavior of the public in hopes of ‘encouraging’ people to make better decisions about things like saving for retirement plans and healthy behavior.

Huh? Wha……?

Lemme give you an example. When I was a kid, I did some dumb things. Even as a young adult (slow learner, I suppose). One of those things was to get overextended with my credit cards. It’s not something I was particularly proud of and it took years of untangling. Fortunately, I was able to fix things before too much damage was done.

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So, early on, that was one of the lessons in my house;  my husband and I talked to our kids about not only the trouble I got into but how to avoid it. We see that as our responsibility and we take it seriously. We don’t require nor do we necessarily want help from the government to encourage our kids to make one choice or another. We believe that by teaching Casey and Cole the best we can, they will grow up capable of making their own decisions with regards to these matters. As parents, we keep our fingers crossed that the decisions they make will be good ones!

What are your thoughts on the government trying to influence your behavior? Do you think it’s a good idea or do you think they should keep their nose out of these personal topics?

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