IMAG1099Smack In The Middle:
That’s ME! Alexis Trass Walker

I’ve had the good fortune to be working with Rene Syler since June 2012 when I did an internship with Good Enough Mother. Imagine, a 37-year-old mother of four doing a summer internship as if she’s a college kid! I laugh, but really, I didn’t think it was beneath me. I’m a writer and I’m always looking for new ways to sharpen my skills and present my work to the world.

In January, I started writing 10 From GEM, which runs every Saturday. If you haven’t been reading them, you’re missing out. Okay, I’ll admit to my bias on this, but the weekly 10 are little gems you need to know to make your life easier, better, and happier. Really. Go here, here, and here to read the ones I most loved writing. I’ll wait right here until you get back.

This is my inaugural column, which is aptly called Smack In The Middle. I was born, raised, and live in the Midwest; at 38, I’m almost middle-aged (only if you think 40 is middle-aged, but really, 40 is the new 30!), I’m in the middle of launching a new business (more about that in a moment) and I’m smack dab in the middle of raising children. My little darlings are Sophia, 6; Makayla, 4; and Devin and Donovan, 22 months. So you can see there’s definitely a “middle” theme going on in my life right now.

I have been married to the amazing Darius for almost nine years. I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for Target because that’s where we met. I was a 21-year-old college student working there for extra money and he was just out of college. It was his second job, just in case the “real” one didn’t work out. True love can be found at the service desk of Target.

I taught junior high school and high school English for 10 years, but I left the field two years ago to stay home with my children. I don’t think I’ll go back into the classroom and teach again, but I do love education; I feel I have a purpose to fulfill there. Along with my friend, I’ve just opened T3 Education Services, which provides professional development for educators.

Writing is a lifelong love for me, so I’m delighted to use this forum to share that with you. Smack In The Middle will touch on various subjects such as parenting and motherhood, happiness, and life improvement, to name a few. The older I get and the more knowledge I gain, the more I want to share it with others. I don’t know everything, of course, but I do like trying to get there.

As I go along this journey, I would be honored to have you join me. My hope is that you think about life from a different perspective as a result of reading this column. I want to learn from you too, so I invite you to join the conversation.

What about you.. are you Smack in the Middle of your own life What does that look like? Are you happy there or do you want more?

Alexis Trass Walker lives in Gary, Indiana, with her husband and four children. She is a work at home mom and writer who loves all things chocolate. Read more about Alexis on her blog, email her at, or follow her on Twitter @LillieBelle5.