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Monday Morning Motivation: Half Empty Or Half Full.. What’s Your Glass Look Like?

tall half full glass of water isolated on white clipping path includedMonday Morning Motivation:
Half Empty Or Half Full..
What’s Your Glass Look Like? 

Hey now! It’s Monday! Are you excited? I am.. it’s a chance to start all over again.. and for that I am grateful.

I’m packing up and heading out on a Sweet Retreats shoot, this time to the West Coast! We’re taping in Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Napa, which means beautiful scenery and a whole lot of fun. While I’m going out on business, I’m also going to have some fun too; I’m taking my kids with me for at least part of the 2 1/2 week shoot. I’m excited to show them my old stomping grounds and share with them some of my favorite childhood memories.

Anyway, let’s dive right into today’s Monday Morning Motivation. I was on Facebook the other day and I saw a post by my friend Ron Delaney. Ron was on his way to volunteer at the local soup kitchen, something he does regularly. I’m always impressed by people who do completely altruistic acts, especially when they’re as busy as Ron is. So I asked him why:

“People ask me why I help out at the soup kitchen and I’ve got two reasons.

1. I really enjoy helping others and, seeing the smile on someone’s face when I hand them a try of food, is priceless.

2. After we closed our RV Dealership, I had no income for over six months. I could not make my house payments and was 48 hours away from being homeless myself. By the grace of God my parents saved my home from the auction block with only 24 hours to spare. Before that however, there were many nights I went to bed hungry because I did not have anything to eat and I was too proud to let anyone know I was hungry.

I’ve been blessed since starting Gymjock Cleaning Services. So giving up a few hours of my time to help others is the least I can do. Plus it keeps me grounded, knowing I very well could have been in the line for a free tray of food.”


Wow, wow, wow.

That attitude is one of the things that drew me to Ron initially. Think about it: how many friends do you have on Facebook who do nothing but complain? They complain about the heat, the cold, their life, their circumstances, their age, that life isn’t fair, that someone else is making more money then them and on and on.

It’s friggin’ exhausting, ain’t it?

But that’s not Ron. Here’s a guy who hasn’t had it easy the last several years; in fact, one could argue they’ve been among the hardest of his life. Yet, every single day he gets up and gets to work, making his own luck instead of waiting for something to happen (just like my husband). They are great examples for me… for us all, for that matter, to remember that no matter how bad things are for us, they could be worse.

In other words, quit yer bitchin’ ..

So the challenge today is to go, at least for a day, without complaining. Do what my friend Ron does (which I can literally HEAR in his Facebook status updates); be positive, think positively, share positivity.

Can you do it? How will you?

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