Crystal Miller LL Life Lessons:
Educator’s Edition…Crystal Miller

Welcome to a special edition of Good Enough Mother Life Lessons! With school right around the corner, we thought it would be great to devote some time and space to the people who are so good to our kids.. educators! Hope you enjoy these special Life Lessons and happy school year to teacher, students AND their parents!

Are you happy at the moment?

Mothers are allowed to be happy? Why didn’t I get the memo? In all seriousness, I struggle with happiness in that happiness is a choice. When I wake up every morning, I have to choose to be happy. (FYI: I don’t choose happiness everyday in case you were wondering.) What I am at the moment is BLESSED! I have a great life, and I recognize that it could be a lot worse. I am blessed, blessed, blessed!

If you could go back and say anything to your 16-year-old self now – what would it be?

“Girl, you ain’t fat! Chill out! Love yourself, and help others do the same! You’re wonderful just the way you are.”

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned this year?

2013 has thrown me a couple of curve balls. Out of those curve balls I have learned that life as you know it can change in an instant. Be prepared or you will crumble!

What do you most want to achieve in the next 12 months?

Writing is a passion of mine that I would love to see go to another level in the next year.

What’s your secret to happiness?

My relationship with Christ! Being a born again Christian has kept me grounded when my world seems to be falling apart. I’m not ashamed of my Christianity, but sometimes I think people associate Christianity with extreme beliefs and practices. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Christian by definition means follower of Christ. Yes, there is a lifestyle change involved, but every change only makes me a better person. My goal is to let my light shine!

What one ritual or practice keeps you grounded?

No doubt my daily devotion/quiet time keeps me grounded. When things seem out of control, prayer and reading my Bible reminds me what my heavenly father wants for me. (Jer. 29:11)

What’s your biggest regret?

Sweating the small stuff is my biggest regret. One of my former students told me once that she read that 90% of the stuff we worry about doesn’t happen. That was definitely a light bulb moment for me. I still struggle with “majoring on the minors,” but I try to remember that piece of wisdom my fifth grade student shared with me.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve taught your kid(s)?

I have two girls. As a result, I discuss with them A LOT about being classy and not trashy. My oldest being a strong willed child enjoys pointing people out and asking if that’s classy or trashy. Naturally, being the strong willed mother that I am, I answer her honestly! (Yes, most cases are trashy.)

What bad habit would you most like to change about yourself?

Eating sweets would be one thing I would love to change about myself. I LOVE sweets, and it shows!

Aside from motherhood/fatherhood and marriage what are you most proud of in your life?

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching a teen Sunday school class for several years. I am proud to know that the students consider me a role model, and that I have been able to carry myself in a positive manner.

When were you happiest?

I’m always happiest when I’m at church. I feel uplifted and surrounded by like minded individuals. It’s very therapeutic!

What ten words best describe you?

Talkative. Serious. Crazy. Christian. Leader. (My brothers say bossy, but what do they know?) Fixer. Passionate. Teacher. Mother. Classy.

EXTRA QUESTION: What’s the best way parents can help you in the coming year?

• I love parents who give me space to be the teacher.

• I need parents to know I want the best for their child.

• If I offer constructive criticism, it is true. I don’t have time to make stuff up on your child.

• Work with me, not against me.

• Parents should try to meet with teachers at a convenient time. We only get a few minutes of planning and dread it when it’s spent hearing about unnecessary things concerning your child such as:

~Can we get extra credit? (Although the child is slack in class, and the parents all of a sudden care two days before the end of the term.)

~My child doesn’t think you like them. (Even though the child sits in my class and talks/disrupts nonstop.)

~My child doesn’t like where they sit in class. (Even though there are 20 other students I have to accommodate.)

~My child always makes all A’s why do they have a B? (Even though they are in a higher grade doing higher work that is supposed to challenge them).

Don’t get me wrong please bring issues to our attention, but make sure it’s a legitimate concern worthy of us losing planning/bathroom time. It’s the only time we get all day.

With all that being said, every teacher in the world doesn’t have the student’s best interest in mind. If there is a problem, address it with the teacher FIRST. If nothing is done, then go to the principal or higher if necessary. A parent will get a lot farther with a teacher if they don’t approach the teacher in “attack-mode” and if they don’t “bad mouth” the teacher in the community before getting all the facts.

My name is Crystal Miller and I LOVE to write and share! I’m married to a wonderful Godly man, I have two beautiful daughters, and I really love my life. God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. I am a born again Christian who stays ready for Christ’s return. My biggest goal in life right now is to be a Godly example first and foremost to my two angels and then to other young ladies I come in contact with. I have a lot I want to achieve, but I realize that will only happen through Christ (Philippians 4:13). Come join me on my journey!