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A few weeks ago, the Internet was ablaze with talk of Beyonce’s new pixie haircut. A few days later I found this piece in The Daily Mail, touting the fact the pixie cut is further proof that everything old is new again. According to the DM, everyone, EVERYONE looks good with a pixie.

I read the article with more than passing interest because, as you know, hair is a big, damn deal to me. But opposite of the pixie, I’m interested in growing longer, stronger hair. So far, I’m happy to say, I’ve been doing pretty well on that front.

How did I do ti? Did I spend countless hours combing drug store aisles or tons of money at fancy salons?

Nope. I used the 3 P’s.. the right product, protection and patience.


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 Lean in.. I’m going to tell you a secret. Most of the products I use came right from my…KITCHEN! That’s right, no expensive product for me; I head right for the cupboards. I use olive oil as a deep conditioner and sometimes mix in a bit of avocado and I use apple cider vinegar since clarifying shampoos are too hard (Besides, those of you who’ve followed me through this journey know shampoo is a NO-NO for me). So I just use conditioner the same was I would use shampoo (a process called co-washing). I like Aussie Moist, Tressame and VO5, which is a perfect price point; when I use my drug store cards I can get it for 99 cents most times.

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At the beginning of the last school year, my daughter, Casey came to me with one simple wish; she wanted her hair to grow.  She has a lot of hair, but it wasn’t growing really fast, or at least it looked that way. So in September of last year, I told her to start wearing protective styles. Imagine my surprise when she listened to me! Imagine both of our surprise when she gained a good 3-4 inches of growth over that time. So I took a page from her book (actually the book I GAVE her) and started wearing protective styles more often than not. It works for me when I’m shooting Sweet Retreats, especially since time is of the essence and my hair needs to look uniform over several days. Flat twists, regular twists and wet-bunning are all personal favorites.

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Do I have to say this again? Yes, I think I do. No matter what you do to your hair, it’s kind of unrealistic to expect that it is going to grow much more than 1/2-3/4 of an inch a month. Of course, that’s not what all the companies pushing hair growth products would have you believe. But the fact is, it’s just plain, good hair care and patience that will result in longer, stronger hair. And remember it’s not just about growth but length retention (see protective styles).

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Now, a quick look at the last 4 1/2 years of my natural hair journey. Questions? Drop me a line.. I’ll do what I can to answer!



March is my new hair’s birthday month. I BC’d (big chopped) in 2009 after making the decision to go natural.

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April hair

In April of 2009, I committed to taking one photo a month to document my hair growth. It helped me because there were months I thought my hair did not grow at all. Taking a photo each month provided tangible proof that it was.

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June hair

SUMMER! The sun and chlorine can really do a number on your natural hair. In those months, I make sure to clarify my hair with apple cider vinegar and deep condition when necessary.

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July hair

Same summer month regimen: protect, protect, protect. Now, as my hair has gotten longer, I usually just tie it up and keep it off my neck. That protects the ends from breakage (Note: in June of 2012, I cut my hair into a bob style. It has since grown out into the shag cut I have now).

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August hair

Drinking lots of water, exercising and taking a hair vitamin will also help those follicles do their thing!

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So those are my top tips.. what about you? What sorts of things do you do to make your hair grow?

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