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10 From GEM:
10 Best Parenting Websites

This week’s 10 From GEM was definitely a group effort. You know how it is: you might know a couple of good parenting websites on your own, but when you talk to other parents, you find even more sites that offer useful and practical information. So #TeamGEM got together to give insights and input on the sites we can’t get enough of. Thanks, team! We talked about the sites that we read on a daily basis for ideas and inspiration when it comes to all aspects of parenting. Check out what we think are the 10 best parenting websites right now. We’re limited to 10, but there are hundreds of excellent sites. We all love things recommended by our friends, so if your favorite isn’t here, be sure share it in the comments below!


1 parenting pink

Just in case the title didn’t give you a clue, the goal of Parenting Pink is to help parents raise strong girls. They feature hot topics, the latest news, articles by featured experts, fun activities, and, of course, tips for raising girls. They didn’t forget the parents, either. There is a section that addresses concerns not necessarily related to children. The site is easy to navigate and is nicely categorized by age and stage: Baby Pink (0-2), Toddler Pink (2-4), Big Pink (5-8), Tween Pink (9-12), and Teen Pink (13-18).

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2 Babble

Babble is an award-winning site, part of whose mission is “to tell the truth about parenting, to bypass the clichés and dig into the magical and maddening reality.” They do a great job of that by serving up blogs and articles that tell you all the things that nobody ever told you about parenting. They cover specific topics under the parenting umbrella like single parenting, LGBT parenting, raising kids with special needs, and adoptive parenting. One of the really cool things about this site is that it treats parents as more than just parents with sections on entertainment, lifestyle, relationships, and body and mind.

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3. iMOM 

3 iMom

iMom has a ton of practical and relevant resources that help mothers raise smart, confident kids who are well-liked. With over 2,000 parenting articles on the site, you will find something to fit your parenting style and needs. One of the site’s most unique features—and its most popular product—is the free printables. You can download these categorized tools that that help you do everything from seasonal activities to conversation starters with the kids.

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4 Commons sense media

This website is a breath of fresh air for parents who need to navigate their kids through the murky waters of media and technology—so that’s pretty much every parent. Many kids spend more time with technology than they do with their families. Common Sense Media teaches kids and parents how to be savvy users of technology. We like that they offer reviews of all types of media so parents came make informed decisions about the products we buy for our kids. Best of all, the reviews are unbiased because there are no advertising dollars behind them.

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5 good men project

Finally—something just for the dads. Parenting isn’t the only focus of Good Men Project; they cover all aspects of men and manhood in the modern world. Too many media outlets treat men as mindless idiots, but you won’t find that here. Look for lots of thoughtful articles by and for men who strive to be good fathers, husbands, and citizens of the world. The articles are refreshingly subversive. Case in point: one of the most popular articles as of this writing is titled, “Dear Daughter: I Hope You Have Awesome Sex.” A must-read.

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6 the bump

If you’re a brand new parent or on your way to parenthood, The Bump should be one of your first Internet stops. The Bump gives first-time parents the skinny on fertility, pregnancy, birth, and babies at every stage of development. Also, there are style ideas, local resources, and interactive tools. Of course, you can get personalized information about your pregnancy and baby, but The Bump goes another step further with their print (or digital) local magazine, which is a guide to tips and resources in your area.

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7 motherhood later

First time moms (or moms again) who are 35+ will find a new home with Motherhood Later…Than Sooner. This international organization, devoted to first-time moms parenting later in life, is a fantastic place to be. They support, empower, and connect midlife or later mothers through this parenting website, parenting blog for older moms, monthly eZine with free giveaways, learning opportunities, online communities for “later” moms and dads, and in-person worldwide events, as well as group meetings for midlife moms and families.

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8 proactive parenting

Death and taxes aren’t the only certainties of life. Child misbehavior is another. The best defense against bad behavior is a good offense—simply being prepared for the eventuality of it. Proactive Parenting guides parents in how to respond rather than react to misbehavior. If you’re a parent who wants to avoid or eliminate yelling, spanking, and frequent punishment, this is the place for you. There are 60 different categories of articles that cover your most pressing discipline concerns about kids of all ages.

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9 family education

Family Education has a little bit of everything, but it’s not a hodge-podge of things you have to wade through in order to get to what you really want. It looks at parents and kids as lifelong learners, so to that end, it’s a network of personalized information resources. It’s one-stop shop for the entire family.

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10 all for the boys

It’s easy to find creative activities, crafts, inspiration, and products for girls on the Internet. Finding the same for boys is more of a challenge. If you’re looking for items and projects that aren’t just girl stuff that’s painted blue, then All For The Boys is where you want to be. Everything is created with boys in mind and it goes beyond sports themes. Even with all the boy stuff, girls are still welcome.

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When it comes to parenting, what are your go-to websites? Tell us your favorite sites and why you like them.

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