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Are You Ready?  Because It’s Time To EXHALE..

You ready to EXHALE?

You’ll recall Exhale premiered last week on the network Aspire with the head GEM, Rene Syler, as one of five co-hosts, and tonight they start in their permanent time slot with their own bit of style, information and fun.

Tonight, it’s all about relationships but next week? Well, see for yourself.


Don’t forget to join Angela Burt-Murray, Issa Rae, Malinda Williams, Erin Jackson, and, of course, Rene Syler as they talk about relationships tonight.  Last week’s episode had someone talking about “black women and Asian men” being at the bottom of the dating totem pole (it was Issa Rae).  You do not want to be the one that missed it.  And you are definitely going to want to join the twitter talk by clicking following the #ExhaleTV  conversation where each of the five hostesses and many more Exhale TV insiders give you their reactions and inside looks into the guests and conversations that happened behind the scenes.

Now Aspire is a new network so you may not know where to find it or what to do if you don’t have it.  Check here to see if you get it, and if you don’t you need to call your cable provider and demand they add it to the line up (or ask politely; it’s up to you).

What topics would you like to see the ladies cover?  Let us know and can’t wait to see you tweeting tonight!

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