The GEM Debate:
Should You Reveal THIS Secret About Your Newborn? (POLL)

As royal baby watch enters its most exciting phase, there’s one hot question buzzing the Internet today: prince or princess?  Well, one way the Duke And Duchess of Cambridge could have spread the news is through an exciting new trend, but is it such a hot idea?

Gender reveal baby showers is becoming a hot, new craze. This is a party (often combined with a baby shower) where parents reveal the sex of their baby to family and friends in wonderful and sometimes weird ways; the one that most impresses me is when there is a white-frosted cake with either blue or pink layers revealing the child’s sex.  Some people have a themed party, boy or girl, so when guests arrive they know, others give gifts which would be traditionally for the particular gender.

I realize there is a lot of fluff in the baby waiting game. While you gestate, there are books and activities so you don’t go crazy waiting; they also help take your mind off big issues,  like how you are going to pay your rent, whether we’ll have daddy to make three (for us single gals), what exactly you will do that will have your child screaming to the therapist in 20 years and so on. You know how the mind wanders during big changes.  These gender reveal parties are of that ilk especially today with social media being so prevalent.  One tweet or status update and you’ve saved yourself some of the hassle of pulling together a party.

And who doesn’t like a party? Now, I didn’t know the sex of my sweet baboo prior to her birth.  And I do believe the next baby I’ll wait it out, too (spoiler alert: this is not a spoiler alert).  So for me, having one of these parties is really out of the question.  However, I love the idea of family and friends celebrating each milestone and revealing more of who the baby is, is part of any bonding experience.

I love parties and I love babies. Heck, I love new moms, family and getting together. A gender reveal party may not be for me, but I can’t see how it could hurt.

So let’s get the party started!

How do you feel about revealing the sex of the baby in this fashion? How did you tell family and friends the gender of your baby?  Have you ever been to one of these events? Please, I’ll be checking the comments so tell me how they did the big reveal!  I love those stories!


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