Untitled-1Monday Morning Motivation:
Are You Stuck In A Comfortable Rut

Hola all! Happy Monday!

I’m waking up in a hotel room in Syracuse, New York, headed out on another Sweet Retreats shoot near Alexandria Bay. I heard the places we’re going to show you are spectacular so make sure you keep an eye here and on the Sweet Retreats Facebook Page for updates and photos.

Today’s Monday Morning Motivation is about habits and like so many others, it’s borne of a conversation I had with my husband. You know, I think this guy is brilliant, even though be makes me batsh*t crazy at times.

The other day I was telling Buff about a friend of mine who’s been out of work for a number of years. He lost his job, like so many did, when the economy tanked (side note: he also made some questionable decisions while IN the job, but that’s a story for another time). He remains out of work because he’s been doing things the way he always has, you know, like from decade ago. Sending out the same resumes, making the same calls and so forth.

When I talk to him, my heart aches; I can hear the earnestness in his voice.  He really wants a job; really, REALLY wants to be back in the saddle.

Or does he?

When I mentioned this to Buff, he looked over at me and said, “I guess he doesn’t want it bad enough.”

BOOM! That was it. In eight little words, Buff cut to the heart of the matter.

We change when the fear of the unknown is outweighed by the discomfort of staying in place. In my friend’s case, he simply isn’t uncomfortable enough.

I use him as an example but he’s not alone. We all have people in our lives who say they want better, yet are doing things exactly the same way. Sending out the same (tired) employment information, surrounding themselves with the same people, making the same, questionable decisions.


They are not uncomfortable enough. 

Let’s face it, those ruts are familiar places; at least you what you’re going to get.

That’s also where you will stay until you made the decision to stretch, move, grow.

You know…. be uncomfortable.

Are you stuck in a comfortable rut? Do you say you want change but are doing things exactly the same? What does that say about what you really want?

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