photodune-1159212-nervous-question-xsMonday Morning Motivation:
3 Ways To Combat The First Day Jitters

Hey all, happy Monday! I’m taking a teeny break this week since my shooting schedule is not quite as harried as it normally is. Lemme tell  you, I’m happy for it too! We just wrapped a Sweet Retreats shoot in Cape May, New Jersey, something those of you who follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram already know. It was a lot of fun but my lunch break on the final day of shooting is what spurs today’s Monday Morning Motivation.

When the crew broke, we ate at a place right on the water. Because we were a large group, we had two waitresses, one of whom had been on the job for exactly one day.

When she forgot one of our drinks she apologized, telling us she was new. Later, after giving someone the wrong order, she apologized again, reiterating her employment status. It was clear with each mistake she was becoming more and more flustered.

Watching her took me back a ways, not just to my days as a waitress, which is how I put myself through college, but also to those years as a cub reporter just getting started in television.

I so wanted to give that young woman a hug and let her know she wasn’t alone; we’ve ALL had a first day, we’ve all made mistakes, we’ve all wondered if we were cut out for what were doing.

So to that young girl (and you, if you’re having a first day) I would say remember these 3 things: 



You may feel like you’re the only one and perhaps everyone you’re working with is a seasoned professional. But the thing to remember is they weren’t always. Everyone has to start somewhere and everyone, at one time or another, felt the way you do on their own first day.

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I put myself through college working at T.G.I. Friday’s so maybe I felt for this young woman more than many because I’ve been there. But one of the things I found, whether passing out dinner orders or passing on information, is that people are basically sympathetic. If you make a mistake own up to it, learn from it and move on. Rational types won’t hold it against you.

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Repeat after me; tomorrow will be better. Why? Because at the very least, you know what to expect. You’ve been down that stretch of road before and you know know where the twists and turns are. It won’t be a surprise and you won’t be caught off guard. Just knowing those things will give you a leg up.

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I try to remember those things each time I try something. The true tragedy is not in trying and falling flat on yor face; it’s in not trying at all to save face.

What a boring life that would be.


What about you; can you relate to this young woman and her first day jitters? Do you remember having them yourself? How did you get through them?

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