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Guest Posting: 5 Tips For Job Survival.. And Beyond!

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Guest Posting:
5 Tips For Job Survival.. And Beyond!


Whether you’re still a gainfully employed middle manager, or a former one who has been laid off already, these tips are for you.  It doesn’t matter which status describes you—no one is essential and no is safe.  Scary but true. We’re going through a huge cycle of disruption that affects almost every business and is driven largely by improvement in information technology.  So don’t think you’re safe, because you’re really not—just ask those who have already been laid off for “structural” reasons.  Now that we have your attention, think seriously about adopting these five tips to keep you highly marketable in this very volatile business environment!

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If you think you know everything you need to know about your particular profession or enterprise, you’re in deep trouble already.  Keeping up with the trends and changes that affect your work and career is almost a full job in itself.  Hopefully, you have a natural curiosity to learn more about any relevant topics.  Even if you don’t, constant study is a necessary for personal growth.

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darts (branding and setting goal for business)

Great relationships are important, but a great reputation is even more so.  Almost anybody can “schmooze” in the corporate workplace assuming that it’s critical for success.  What really matters is what others think of you.  Your integrity, character, intellect and loyalty are the key components of a great reputation.  This is a big one if you’re employed, even more so if you’ve been laid off.

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Creative Commons/krismartis

Creative Commons/krismartis

There really is no such thing as playing it safe.  We’re not asking you to “bet the farm”.  Still you need to step away from the crowd and conventional thinking sometimes to make your mark.  If “that’s the way we’ve always done it” is your mantra, you are already courting obsolescence.  Be ready to defend your moves/ideas with compelling logic and a depth of conviction.

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Creative Commons/Tsahi Levent-Levi

Creative Commons/Tsahi Levent-Levi

Yes, change really can be fun, if not a catalyst for personal growth and innovation.  Go one step further and become a disruptor yourself.  That’s especially true for those who have been laid off and have nothing to lose by advocating for changes in their respective business or profession.  As we said earlier, disruption is inevitable, regardless of the industry.



Creative Commons/ElysiaComm

Creative Commons/ElysiaComm

Being able to convey your thoughts and ideas both verbally and in writing is profoundly important in a world dominated by emails, tweets and blogs.  Shorter beats longer in both word count and syllables.  Simple sentences signal clear thinking.  And don’t “bury the lead” deep in your message or presentation.  Everyone values his or her time; being perceived as a “time thief” is simply a non-starter.

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There are obviously some more tips out there that can always help.  Start with these five and see where they take you.  The world is changing at light speed, and maybe you need to as well!

So what are you doing to prepare for survival?  Have you found something in your arsenal that wasn’t listed here?  Share!


Buff Parham is an independent media sales executive who believes that asking the right question is often more important than having the right answer.  He’s the proud husband of Rene Syler, and the father of an amazing adult daughter and two pretty cool high-schoolers. In spite of ample evidence to the contrary, he remains an incurable optimistic. Follow him on Twitter @buffparham

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