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Is This Helping Or Hurting You? (POLL) 


Time for a little truth-telling. But before I get yours, let me tell you about mine.

My name is Rene and I’m a technology addict. Well, sort of.

This past weekend I made an appearance at The National Urban League on behalf of Aspire TV promoting our new talk show, Exhale. As is often the case on the days I travel, it was hectic getting out of the house. So imagine my surprise when I boarded the train,  got settled and realized I left my laptop.

No, you don’t understand..



Before I realized I left it in the car with Buff, I briefly entertained the idea of running off the train, screaming through the station like a woman with her hair on fire. Fortunately the train doors closed, thereby saving me from viral infamy.

So I spent the next 36 hours trying to run my business from my smartphone, which I did have on my person.

But what happened over that time period is what made this article so interesting to me.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m not unlike many of the individuals written about there (save the bathroom checkers). Even when I’m not doing official business, I’m doing ‘play’ business on the phone; checking in on Facebook, Tweeting or my new favorite, Instagram.

I read where people have placed themselves on a technology diet, or will go 24 hours without logging into their email and I think, HOW?

How do they do that, followed by, what are they doing? What are these books you speak of?

My confession is that technology at times, feels less like a tether and more like a leash to me. And, having a courageous conversation with myself, I am admitting, it might be time to disconnect a little more.

Your turn; ‘fess up. Is technology helping or hurting your in  your every day life and relationships?

Take the poll then leave a comment!


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