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Bringing Up Baby: The 5 Things You REALLY Need To Bring Home That Bundle Of Joy

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Bringing Up Baby:
The 5 Things You REALLY Need To
Bring Home That Bundle Of Joy

Hey everyone!  Say hello and welcome to our newest blogger, Tonya Mosely. Tonya and I know each other from our previous professional lives (television) so when approached me about blogging all things baby, I jumped at the chance. She’s totally immersed in that world too; she gave birth to an adorable little guy and is mother to a beautiful little princess too.  So please join me in welcoming Tonya to #TeamGEM where she’ll blog once a month about Bringing Up Baby.

“Wait a minute, are you serious?” my sister-in-law exclaimed, wide eyed as she opened my newborn daughter’s closet and drawers. I had every stitch of clothing color coordinated and divided by age. That wasn’t even the half of it.

We (and when I say we, I mean me) had begun “collecting” the latest and greatest for our darling daughter the moment I found out I was pregnant. Fancy crib? Check. Diaper Genie? Check. Three types of baby carriers? Of course! Wipe warmer? Yes! (No need to startle the baby with a cold wipe on her bottom, right?) Stuffed in the baby’s closet were also the latest baby lotions, potions, toys, bottles and pacifiers (yes pacifiers is plural – I had this thought that we needed more than one brand just in case she didn’t like the others).

“Are you always this organized?” my sister-in-law asked – her face desperately trying to hide the fact that she thought maybe I was just a little nuts. “Just wait until you have the second,” she chuckled. “All of this will be out of the window.”

Six years later I get it. Most of that stuff I spent nine months collecting, collected nothing more than dust. Our darling daughter didn’t even like pacifiers, what newborn needs toys, and the little bugger grew so fast she barely wore any of the clothes I’d carefully color coordinated. 

This time around with the birth of our son, I got smarter. There are only a few essentials a newborn needs. Trust me, this list will save you a lot of time, space and most of all, money.

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Tonya’s son

You can’t bring your baby home from the hospital without a car seat. It’s worth it to do a little research on the safest brand. It’s also a good idea to become an expert on how to install it.

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Creative Commons/USCPSC 

Most parents keep their newborns in the room with them during the first few months. Co-sleepers, cradles or full size cribs are fine, although you likely won’t need that big crib until several months in. Add to that a few fitted sheets, receiving and swaddling blankets.

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Tonya’s daughter

This is a picture of my daughter and even though it’s been a few years since she was a newborn, I remember a thing or two about the clothes they need. You will need a few changes of clothes,  enough to get you through a day. Newborns are messy, you’ll likely end up changing him/her a few times a day. Our newborn son only had about seven infant outfits the first two weeks or so.  A few onsies, rompers a hat or two and some socks will suffice.

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Pull Ups Flushing crop

Cloth or disposable, doesn’t matter. NOTE: It’s nice to wait until your baby is born to buy disposable, or buy the next size up from “newborn.” I have a friend whose baby was born too big for those teeny, tiny diapers.

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Formula feeding? Formula, bottles and nipples are a must.  Even if you’re nursing it’s nice to have a few bottles to assist in feeding if you decide to pump.  The standard amount needed is 10-15.

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Other needed items:

  • Diaper cream

  • If it’s a boy, petroleum jelly and sterile gauze for circumcision care

  • Burp clothes

  • Baby wipes

  • Baby thermometer

All the other stuff? Buy it as you need it.

What are some of your essentials? What are some items you wasted money on as a new mom?


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Tonya Mosley is an award winning broadcast journalist based out of Seattle, WA. She’s a married mom of two – a 6-year-old daughter who recently declared she’s a teenager – and a 5-month-old baby boy. Read more on her Facebook page or follow her on twitter at @tonyamosley.

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