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BREAKING NEWS! Good Enough Mother Partners With Huggies®

Good Enough Mother Partners With Huggies®


And the GEMpire grows!

I’m excited to announce a new partnership, this time with the Huggies® Brand!

You may recall we worked with Huggies® recently on their Pull-Ups Larger Than Life First Flush Celebration; now we’re part of the team giving our take on Mommy Answers.

I’m super excited about this.. why?

Well, because as we all know, parenting is a huge undertaking. It’s full of questions and what feels like a dearth of answers. In fact, that was the reason I wrote Good Enough Mother; The Perfectly Imperfect Book Of Parenting.

I remember in those early days of my kids’ lives, when I felt lost and alone, the best information came from my doctor and my friends, mothers who had been where I was and had the same questions I did. They answered in a real, non-judgmental way and they made me feel good  and competent about the job I was doing as a mom.

That’s exactly what I hope to do as a brand ambassador for Huggies® through their robust Facebook page and the Mommy Answers Message Board (you can see my first post here).

Got questions about breast feeding? Wondering about a birth professional? Looking into your baby’s eyes and thinking, “What are THEY thinking? Ways to combat stress during pregnancy or how to use an Epi-pen? When should my child be potty trained and so many more.

They’re all there.

So join me in welcoming Huggies® to #teamGEM; we’re looking forward to a long and productive partnership!

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