When Hot Gets Hotter:
3 Heat Beating Tips For Summer Safety

Now that the summer is bearing down upon us, the days are not only getting longer – they’re getting hotter. Many of us welcome this change from the cold, dark winter months but, for some, the heat can be a mixed blessing at best and a curse at worst. Though air conditioning is relatively cheap and prevalent throughout the United States, there are still many who opt not to purchase it. Whether it is because they do not feel the need for it or because their homes are not equipped for it is beside the point.

So, how does one beat the heat? Simple. Use these 3 preventative measures to keep from getting sick.




Heat stroke is a real worry during the spring and summer months. In order to stave it off, it is recommended that you follow a few simple steps – even if you do have air conditioning. First off, keep an eye on the heat index. The heat index is the measurement of temperature and humidity that indicates how hot it actually feels outside. In a place where the humidity is very high, even a moderately warm temperature can feel much hotter. If the forecast calls for the temperature to be or to feel higher than 90° F, then you should make certain to drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you are working outside or in a hot environment, you should also drink sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade to replenish the salts and electrolytes you’ll lose to sweat. Additionally, avoid drinking alcohol during the hotter parts of the day as alcohol will dehydrate you as well as making you less able to judge whether or not you are suffering from the early stages of heat stroke.

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Wear loose clothing if you can – this will allow your skin to breathe and your sweat to evaporate more easily, cooling you off. If you are able to do so, avoid going outside during the hottest part of the day (generally 10 am to 3 pm). If you are inside and do not have air conditioning, open windows strategically (generally at 90° angles to each other throughout the building) to create a draft. Depending on which windows you open, the draft might be stronger or weaker. Feel free to experiment for best results, if you can.

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Should you feel yourself starting to get weak, drink water or a sports drink. If you notice that you have stopped sweating entirely, drink sports drinks and do your best to get someplace dark, cool, and apply cold wet compresses to the back of your neck and your chest. This is often the first sign of heat stroke and many times the last chance for it to be stopped. If the weakness persists, seek medical attention immediately.

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The summer months are generally times of relaxation and fun. However, that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down entirely. Heat can harm just as quick and as much as cold can so take care of yourself – even if you are on vacation!

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