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True Confession: The Part Of My Body I Hate The Most…. (VIDEO)



Photo credit: Exhale/Aspire TV

Photo credit: Exhale/Aspire TV

True Confession:
The Part Of My Body I Hate The Most…. (VIDEO)

I was in Los Angeles at the beginning of this week shooting a pilot for another TV show (I can’t give you details but I’ll let you know more as soon as I do) when a woman said something to me that made me cringe. I was grabbing a relatively healthy lunch from the craft services table when she came over to me, patted my jiggly arms and said, “This is what I like.. a real woman.


You see, true confession: I’ve always had a thing about my arms. Years ago, I had a friend who was a news anchor tell me that going sleeveless on TV was a no-no because no matter how small they were, if they weren’t toned, they’d look fat and flabby on TV.

And that was all it took; her words were seared into my memory.

A few weeks ago while I was out in LA shooting the brand new talk show, Exhale on Magic Johnson’s Aspire network (you can like the Facebook page here), we had a photo shoot. I had no intention of going sleeveless and brought multiple mix-n-match sweaters with me that I could throw over the dresses. Somehow the stylist talked me into taking a few snaps bare-armed.

I got the proofs back recently and I saw something that frankly, I hadn’t seen before.

Scratch that… I hadn’t paid attention to before.

I looked at this picture and saw not fat arms that could benefit from a few extra push-ups.

No, it wasn’t flabby I saw.

It was happy.

I was happy!

In that moment I decided to cut myself (and my arms) some slack. Yeah, they don’t look like they did 25 years ago and while I still won’t go on camera sleeveless (not a lot anyway) I am going to ease up about that.

They’re not perfect.. but they are good enough.

Your True Confession time.. what’s the body part you are most insecure about? Take the poll and then elaborate in comments..

Oh and check out the new promo for Exhale airing June 27th on Aspire!
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