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The GEM Debate:
Start A Protest Or Start A Project?


I’m not sure where we got off track, but let’s right this thang, shall we?

Today I came across an article about Victoria’s Secret.  The store is being protested because the lingerie empire has a cap on their cup sizes.  Being a gal with special bra needs since that fateful day in fourth grade when I “developed” breasts early, I’ve always had problems with Victoria’s Secret.  Yet, I’ve never had to go au natural because the store doesn’t provide my size.

You see, if you are really smart or just happen to know where a JC Penney or a Target store is, or even a Bergdorf Goodman, Lane Bryant or a Macy’s, you are pretty much guaranteed to find various sizes of brassieres and other things that will entice a man or just make you feel pretty.  And if you are completely outraged and follow the teachings of GEM (found here, here, and here) you will get off your duff and build something!

Yes, I said it.  This is America and no one store has to cater to all of us.  It just doesn’t work that way.  Not every cosmetic counter houses the best stuff for your skin, but Proactive seems to be doing just fine serving that market.  Why are people protesting instead of realizing there is now a new niche to be served?  If you have enough umph! to find signatures for a petition and enough people for a protest then you might have the makings of an idea whose time has come.  Victoria has been telling this Secret for years, maybe it’s time someone else gets the scoop.

My vision is this post change the view of one or two protestors who know that this is a new age and that the consumer is really in the driver’s seat.  There are plenty of people who can design a line of lingerie, pajamas, and cool fragrances.  If all the people protesting would form an LLC, apply for angel investing or a Kickstarter they might just put a few Ella’s Secrets (hey, it was my idea) into the market and see that they could build in construction and profits.  I know I’m oversimplifying, but am I really?  People are writing their own destinies with some hard, impossible work every day (see Rene and Ella); it can be done.

So what are you thinking?  This chick has no idea, stores need to be more inclusive?  Or are you like me – trying to figure out where you could get the capital to do the market research and designing “Ella’s Secret” fonts and brand colors in your head?  Let me know!

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