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The GEM Debate: Should You Invite Dad To A Sleepover?


The GEM Debate:
Should You Invite Dad To A Sleepover?

Gender equality.  I do believe that the last two people on Earth will not be copulating to ensure the survival of the species, but rather still debating this issue. Today’s debate may not have an answer to the question, but let’s discuss and see what we get, shall we?

Daughters have sleepovers and they have dads.  Should the daughters have sleepovers when the dads are in charge?  That’s the question this article posed.  It gave the analysis that if you know the family it shouldn’t be a problem, but that there are those who would give a blanket “no” no matter how well they knew the family if the only adult figure in the house was dad.

Now, the article doesn’t suggest or examine in any way if the situation were reversed.  What if a group of boys want to have a sleepover and there’s a mom in charge?  You got it.  That’s not even a question because it happens all the time.  My take is that any parent can be a predator; any gender can be a predator.  We all know that.  So for me, if Joelle wanted to spend the night at someone’s house, I’d have to know that someone first.  It wouldn’t matter to me if they were a mommy or a daddy.  Why would you let your child go to a house where you can’t trust one of the parents just because the lights are off?

Of course, you all know Dave Manoucheri.  He’s the widowed father of two girls and two boys.  Should his daughters be excluded from having slumber parties or casual Friday night get togethers at their house just because there is no mother there?  Here’s Dave’s take.

“This entire premise bothers me, mainly because there is so much wrong with it from the start.

First, I would never let my kid go to ANYone’s house unless I knew both parents. The idea that you wouldn’t know who they are or what goes on or if you trust them should be the first priority.  That being said, why is dad an issue here?  I have to say, as the only parent in my household it is more than a little offensive that this first thought might be forefront of someone’s mind.

I ask this because, if we turn this argument on its head, would the debate even happen?  Would a bunch of 12-year-old boys at a house with only mom around cause anyone to stop and think?  I don’t care which gender, it is a case of the kind of people whose home your child goes to that matters. I have known and seen unsavory moms, dads, uncles, grandparents, you name it. Assuming having only the dad there is breeding trouble and continues the inexplicable notion that dads either are inept and cannot do the job or nefarious and are looking for trouble. I don’t feel like either is the case in my house and if a parent wants to know what is happening they could call or just stop by. Pure and simple.”

Anyone can be a bad parent, and if you aren’t checking and vetting the people who are caring for your children that bad parent may be you.  No, we can’t control what others do, but we can make sure our children are always in the hands of caring, loving people whether they are men or women.

What say you?  Is the thought of a man caring for your daughter too much for you to handle?  Does it differ if he’s taking a group of girls to soccer practice versus chaperoning a sleep over?  Let us know!

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