The GEM Debate:
Should Dads Step Away From The Desk?


Well here’s an interesting little piece. The Wall Street Journal reports that more and more companies are offering some type of paternity leave for dads to bond with their new family member.


But the flip side? Not many are taking advantage of that.


And why is that exactly?

According to the article, even though more and more companies (Bank of America, Yahoo, Ernst and Young) are letting dad take time off during those critical first few weeks, perception and fear are getting in the way. Dads it appears (like a lot of moms), worry that others might think less of them if they decide to take the full leave afforded them by these companies.

I call CRAP!

The reason this bothers me so much is that at its core, it’s about placing emphasis where it really shouldn’t be, which is on what other people think (of course, you need look no further than here to know how we feel about this).

All I know is this: Buff took a couple of days off after the births of both Casey and Cole; my mom was also there and truth be told, I could have used more people.

Like a battalion.

Being a new mom is so hard and the thing I remember most was the fatigue, I mean right down to my bones. That’s not something that lets up after a couple of days either.

But that’s not all, wouldn’t this be a great time for dads to REALLY get to know their young ones? They spent nine-months hearing their mother’s voice, listening to the beat of her heart, giving her heartburn (wait, that’s not part of this story)… you get the point. How about special time with dear ol’ dad?

In all seriousness, this is one of those things that only someone on the other end of this can understand. I get it. They think their jobs are paramount but truly, work will always be there. And if you’re in a place that looks down on you for wanting to bond with your kid, shouldn’t that say more about them than you?

I think so.

That’s my take.. what say you? Take the poll and leave a comment!

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