IMG_3304Monday Morning Motivation:
The Rancher’s Dirty (Half) Dozen (PODCAST) 


Hi guys and happy Monday!

As you know, I travel quite a bit, taping various TV shows (Sweet Retreats and Exhale on Aspire) which means I meet some of the most interesting people. Most recently, I had a chance to spend time with Mike and Michelle Fink.

Mike and Michelle live in Lexington, Kentucky; we first met them when we were filming down there with another couple and it was one of their properties the couple was looking at as a Sweet Retreats possibility (you can see the episode here). They were so great we thought, “We gotta cast them for the show.”

Mike is a cattleman/business consultant who’s been married to his better half for nearly 30 years. He says what he thinks and thinks what he says, something woefully short in supply, in business and in life.

So in the time we were together, he kept dropping these nuggets on me and I would scurry to write them down (and I am ALWAYS writing). But so much of what he said made perfect sense that I wanted to share it with you as you get your work week started.

So for today’s Monday Morning Motivation.. here are The Rancher’s Dirty (Half) Dozen  with my own interpretation (Disclaimer: There are actually five because, well, math is not my strong suit).

Pop in your earbuds and enjoy!



Again, catch Mike and Michelle on Sweet Retreats, Kentucky here and I’ll put link on the page and then check them out in a couple of weeks when we air Sweet Retreats, Boston.

Until then, remember you don’t have to be perfect.. just good enough!

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