Monday Morning Motivation: It's The Journey not the destination

Monday Morning Motivation:
Are You Working Toward A Greater Good?


Hola everyone.. and Happy Monday!

I try not to make it a habit to complain too much but I have to tell you, I.Am.WHIPPED! Of course you know I’m traveling the country shooting Sweet Retreats and now a new show, Exhale on Aspire TV. I’m thrilled to be heading to Atlanta for a red carpet event and the premiere of the show, which coincides with the one year anniversary of the network.

Red carpet?! And my normal uniform of jeans and/or sweatpants won’t due?


So I spent the day yesterday (and by “the day” I mean ALL day) combing racks and shops looking for the thing that would be just perfect (and by perfect, I mean ROOMY). Needless to say when all was said and done, I was exhausted.

I wrote something about it on my Facebook page, about being tired and missing the days of network TV (I don’t long for them often but having a stylist was pretty darn sweet) when one of my friends responded with this:

“Just remember, this is bigger than you. You’ve got this.
It will all be worth it. Dream/Purpose is your new reality! Go Gettum!”

Whoa.. and YES!

It was just what I needed to get recharged, reinvigorated, refocused.

When I started writing Good Enough Mother nearly a decade ago, it was because I had a mission; I wanted women, wives, mothers and others to feel better about the job they were doing as parents. I wanted to present news and information in a fresh, spiky way (see the GEM Debate) and above all, I wanted moms and dads to know that they didn’t have to be perfect to be great parents.

That was my calling then and my mission now.

Getting there has been interesting and while it’s not the path or journey I envisioned, nearly every step has been worth it. I’ve met some incredible people,  run up against a some types I need to avoid and, I do believe, inspired a few along the way.

So the challenge this morning is to take a look around you and remember this: some jobs we do for money, some jobs we do for experience, still others we do for reasons that are bigger than we are.

Are you working toward a greater good? If so, what is that? Who are you helping along the way?

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