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Going Viral:
3 Reasons To Start Your Marriage Like THIS.. (VIDEO)

I’ve heard that too many people concentrate on having a wedding and not a marriage.  I definitely understand that sentiment.  With all the money some pay on weddings they could buy a home with a hefty down payment, decreasing their payments; put a nice chunk into their children’s college funds, or even pay off their own college debt.  There’s also the amount of time on decision making and planning that is spent on which center pieces to get, etc., the new bride and groom might want to plan how they will raise their children or what constitutes an emergency to spend their 401(k) or when or if their parents might have to move into the home.  You see what I mean?

But then you see videos like this one I found in The Huffington Post of Dominique Morisseau and Jimmy Keys that blows the whole debate for saving the money out of the water.  Watch:


How amazing was that dance sequence?  The couple looked happy, they were the center of attention and they created a great memory and heirloom.  But there are a few more reasons this particular celebration signals great things in my opinion.



Going Viral: 3 Reasons To Start Your Marriage Like THIS.. (VIDEO)

There are a couple of places in this video where I could swear the wife is coaching and encouraging her new husband.  I love that!  It shows that they are working as a team and one is not afraid to be led by the other.  Definitely something you need once the marriage is underway.

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Before the big dance I’m sure they had to practice those moves over and over, becoming synchronized and relaxed.  During a marriage it takes time with your spouse to keep the steady rhythm that all successful couples seem to have, making them want to be around each other all the time (you know how it feels when you are out of synch with yourself…nothing gets done).

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Most of the people in that room might have guessed once the first break in the music happened that something special was going on, but most probably weren’t privy prior to the nuptials.  Keeping some of the magic and specialness to yourself during your marriage is okay – no, it’s essential.  Mr. and Mrs. are going to do just fine.

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Those are just a few of the things that popped into mind watching this obviously happy couple tear it up on the dance floor.  I wish them nothing but love, blessings and the dance.

What do you think?  Is the traditional big wedding something you did or plan to do?  Did the bills outlast the marriage?  Let us know!

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