Film And Follicles With The OTHER Jaden In After Earth (VIDEO)

Last week  I was a bit of a whirlwind press tour, traveling all over Manhattan (on one of the hottest days of the year, by the way) promoting Sweet Retreats on the Live Well Network. One of my stops was at Better TV, a nationally syndicated talk show (check here to find out where you can watch Better TV).

Anyway, I was in the green room waiting to go on stage when I struck up a conversation with this adorable youngster sitting next to me, nursing a cup of orange juice that was about a big as his forearm.

That youngin turned out to be Jaden Martin, a model-actor who appears alongside Will and Jaden Smith in After Earth (go here to read Ella’s exciting day with the Smiths covering After Earth).


I loved meeting Jaden and wasn’t that some great advice!  I really enjoyed meeting him and look forward to seeing him on the big screen as he, his career, and his hair get bigger!

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