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The GEM Debate: Should Victoria’s Secret Have To Do This?

Steve Rhodes

Creative Commons/Steve Rhodes

The GEM Debate:
Should Victoria’s Secret Have To Do This?


Women who undergo mastectomies are very strong people who deserve to live life as normally as they possibly can after this life altering surgery.  Sadly, one of the hurdles to that life is finding a bra.

Allan Maiden tried to remedy the bra problem for her mother, a breast cancer survivor who is having problems finding bras after her mastectomy.  According to, Maiden got over 120,000 signatures imploring Victoria’s Secret, a bra and lingerie retailer, to make bras for women with mastectomies.  Victoria’s Secret came back with the very honest reply that it was a very hard thing to do, and thus, they would not be making them.  Maiden accepted that response, but was a little disheartened.

I’m disheartened, too, but not surprised.

For years, and I do mean years, I’ve been a busty gal, and Victoria’s Secret has never catered to my kind.  I’ve been able to get a lot of my pajamas there (and had a very small obsession with doing so at some point), but if I want more delicate attire from the store like a pushup bra for instance, I must do my shopping elsewhere.  Victoria’s Secret has always had a particular set of clientele.  I understand Maiden thinking that because the retailer is so big on bras that they’d want to help breast cancer survivors (and their unwillingness to make the bras doesn’t indicate that at all, in fact, Maiden and her mother were given a tour of a research facility the company supports), but the store has never catered to all women and as a practice no real business can.

As is stated in the article, being able to do normal things after your mastectomy is imperative to getting your confidence back as a woman, but in the case of bras, there are those of us who have been suffering with this problem for decades.  I do wish that everyone could pop into a store and buy off the rack instead of having to find specialty stores and/or paying exorbitant amounts of money for one bra that fits.  That isn’t life and, unfortunately it is Maiden’s mother’s new normal.

How about you?  Are you one of those who can pop in and pop out wearing the bra of your choice?  Or do you have to search far and wide looking for the perfect fit?  Let us know.

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