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10 From GEM: Mother’s Day Edition: Practical With A Punch..Summer Dresses


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10 From GEM:
Mother’s Day Edition:
Practical With A Punch..Summer Dresses


Mom loves looking good, but more than that, she loves being comfortable. Or maybe she prefers comfort first, then style. Either way, these 10 dresses are beautiful, trendy, and sure to put a little umph in her wardrobe with out putting too big of a dent in your wallet.

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1. (Not So) Little Black Dress



Who says your black dress has to be “little”?  This color is classic and the look can be used at a beach as well as a nice restaurant when paired with colorful jewelry or a bright scarf.

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2.  A Dress And More For Less


I love that you can get a whole look for day for under $100 (in my case probably more than a day).  Adding bronzer to skin is a great way to even out your tones and really make a look pop!

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3.  Flirty Skirt


Joelle was “swooshing” her dress the other day and I realized I didn’t get to have fun like that any more.  With a dress like this one in my stable we can both have a blast.

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 4. Cowgirl Chic 


What I love about this is it, too, can be casual or dressy depending on how you accessorize.  However, with that short hemline and the detail work it carries over a little bit better when you are trying to have a meeting or more put together function.

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5.  Shirt Dress



The color of this piece screams summer is here!  I also love the fact that you can pair it with some tights or a cute jacket to make it less dramatic if mom isn’t so inclined to just rock it.

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6.  Tee-Shirt Dress



I actually have a version of a tee-shirt dress.  They come recommended by me and not recommended by me.  Once you start wearing one you will look so cute and feel so comfrtable you will most likely choose it to be your only look.

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7.  Strapless Dress



A whole category dedicated to strapless dresses is an amazing thing.   This one caught my eye with the bold colors with such a stark contrast to the neutral tone.

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8.  Wrap Dress


Dresses that dip and wrap in the front usually aren’t something that catches my eye, however, color, subdued floral pattern and belt all have me taking a second look.

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9.  Floral Dress


Classic originality is what I’m calling this.  It will make any mom stand out for her great taste and original thinking.

10.  Off The Shoulder Dress


Again, a wisp of drama is created with the off the shoulder presentation and bold color.  You can accessorize with a fake or henna tattoo for added effect.

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So which of these do you think mom will enjoy?  Is she more the classic or is she playful?  Let us know!

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